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About Us

About us

Welcome to The Surf Bank a global surfing and photography community originating from Cornwall, UK.

Having surfed on waves around the world, our team has learned many lessons that we aim to pass on. We’ve had the privilege to connect and meet with some amazing people who have some great stories to share. We have also gathered years of experience working with the latest surf and outdoor equipment so you can count on us to provide fair and honest reviews of equipment within the surfing domain.

Originating from Cornwall our founder Fin envisioned SurfBank as a platform to highlight the talents of surfers and photographers from small towns and share their stories with a global audience. Since 2021, The SurfBank has placed great emphasis on fostering communities worldwide. Fin has guided the growth of The SurfBank, finding joy in appreciating the skills of others in the water while emphasising the importance of fostering communities across the globe.

Founder: Fin Cross

"I'm Fin, passionate traveler, surfer and photographer. I’m chief publisher here at The SurfBank. I graduated from Bath University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sport and Social Science originating from the UK surf capital, Cornwall. I have travelled to 20+ countries photographing and surfing alongside the way! Put simply, I love photography, surfing and travel. The Surf Bank has allowed me to connect with many experienced surfers and photographer around the world."

The Surfbank Why?

Many surf photos, surf stories and surf personalities go untold or only shared locally. We aim to be a bridge to share anything surf with our community to touch multiple areas of the world. We also aim to promote surf photographers acting as a free platform to showcase their work and bolster their networks. Due to a multitude of surf products and equipment on the market, our mission is to be a trusted source to guide our community to secure the best products.

The surfing lifestyle is attractive to all and we aim to be a magnifying glass to showcase the best of it! Our growth so far has been huge and we aim to continue this across all platforms showcasing the many surf stories from all parts of the world.  

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