5 Best Wetsuit Buckets For Surfers in 2024!

To prolong the life of a wetsuit, surfers often invest in wetsuit buckets to be sued after surfing to rinse and clean wetsuits, surf boots and more!

Finding the best wetsuit buckets can be a challenge as many designs now are cheap and short lasting.

We have out together a list of the best wetsuit buckets available in 2024 for you to purchase!

What Are The Best Wetsuit Buckets For Surfers?

No matter what surf accessory purchase you make, from car key lock boxes to surf hats it's essential that you ensure it's the best equipment on the market!

Best Wetsuit Buckets For Surfers
best wetsuit buckets

1) Ocean and Earth Wetsuit Buckets

Introducing the versatile folding bucket, perfect for changing and storing your wetsuit. With a waterproof fabric and closed cell foam base, it keeps your wetsuit dry and prevents it from sitting in water. It also doubles as a cooler, allowing you to fill it with ice and beverages for your outdoor gatherings.

Product Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Trusted Brand

Product Cons

  • Only Fits 1 Wetsuit
  • Slightly Bulky
Second Best Wetsuit Buckets For Surfers
best wetsuit buckets

2) Tubtrugs Heavy Duty Wetsuit Buckets

Introducing the 42 Litre Black Heavy Duty Large Flexi Tub Rubble Container, perfect for versatile storage needs. Made of low-density polyethylene with a ribbed profile and hand grips, it provides durability and easy handling. With a flexible design and super strong handles, it is ideal for post swim or surf with use elsewhere such as gardening and household use.

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Product Pros

  • 42 Litres
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • 100% Waterproof

Product Cons

  • Not Flexible
  • Heavy When Full
Surfers Favourite Wetsuit Bucket Alternative
best wetsuit buckets

3) Ho Stevie Wetsuit Changing Bag

The Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Changing Mat is a versatile accessory that protects your wetsuit and car. It prevents wetsuits from getting dirty, extending their lifespan, and doubles as a dry bag to keep your car clean and odor-free. Made from lightweight and durable waterproof material, this 29-inch mat is easy to use and comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction or a full refund within 30 days.

Product Pros

  • Trusted Brand
  • Lightweight
  • Clean Design
  • Very Durable

Product Cons

  • Smaller Than Bucket
Transportable Wetsuit Changing Mat
best wetsuit buckets

4) COR Wetsuit Changing Mat

Introducing the COR Surf Wetsuit Bag, the perfect companion for changing in comfort while keeping your feet clean. This versatile bag converts into a waterproof compartment, allowing you to separate wet or dirty clothes from dry ones. Made with durable PVC poly fabric and featuring a drawstring closure, it protects your wetsuit from sand and dirt while keeping your car and belongings clean. It's also a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Pros

  • Transportable
  • Great Bag Design
  • Seperate Compartments
  • Lightweight

Product Cons

  • No Shoulder Strap
Budget Wetsuit Changing Mat
best wetsuit buckets

5) Sun Cube Changing Mat

The Sun Cube Wetsuit Changing Mat is a versatile accessory for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. It offers a clean and sand-free surface to change in and out of your wetsuit, and it doubles as a spacious waterproof bag for storing wet gear. This durable and compact mat measures 29 inches in diameter when laid flat and is a practical gift for anyone involved in surfing, camping, or other outdoor activities, ensuring dry and convenient wetsuit changes while keeping belongings protected.

Product Pros

  • Dynamic
  • Super Lightweight
  • Ample Space
  • Trusted Brand

Product Cons

  • Less Durable

Why Do Surfers Use Wetsuit Buckets?

Surfers often use a wetsuit buckets to facilitate the process of changing in and out of their wetsuits before and after surfing sessions. Here's the reasons why:

  1. Water Conservation: In many areas, especially those with water scarcity or where regulations restrict water use, surfers use wetsuit buckets to conserve water. Instead of rinsing off their wetsuits with freshwater from a hose or shower, they can use a minimal amount of water in the bucket for rinsing.
  2. Portability: Wetsuit buckets are portable and can be easily transported to the beach or surf spot. This allows surfers to change in and out of their wetsuits conveniently, regardless of whether there are facilities available.
  3. Convenience: Having a designated container for changing in and out of wetsuits makes the process more convenient. Surfers can use the bucket to rinse off sand and saltwater from their wetsuits before putting them on or taking them off, without needing to find a nearby source of water.
  4. Environmental Considerations: Using a wetsuit bucket helps minimise the environmental impact of surfing by reducing water usage and preventing pollutants from entering natural water sources.
  5. Organization: Wetsuit buckets provide a contained space for changing, keeping the wetsuit and other gear off the ground and organised. This can help prevent the wetsuit from getting dirty or damaged and makes it easier to locate and access gear when getting ready to surf.

Wetsuit Buckets For Surfers: Buyers Guide

Wetsuit Bucket Durability

When it comes to buying a wetsuit bucket, it's important to prioritise high-quality materials and sturdy construction. Look for options crafted from waterproof fabric, ensuring that it can withstand regular use and prolonged exposure to water. Durable wetsuit buckets will not only serve you well during your surfing adventures but also ensure its longevity over time. By investing in a wetsuit bucket made from top-notch materials, you can confidently tackle frequent changes and rely on its ability to withstand the elements of your surfing journey.

Waterproof and Leakproof

When searching for a wetsuit changing bucket, it's crucial to prioritise features that ensure waterproof performance. Look for options with welded seams or a waterproof lining, as these provide a strong barrier against leaks or water seepage. This feature not only keeps your wetsuit dry but also preserves the integrity of the bucket, ensuring it’s long-lasting durability. By selecting a wetsuit bucket with excellent waterproofing capabilities, you can confidently change in and out of your wetsuit without worrying about water compromising your gear or the bucket itself.

Wetsuit Buckets Base Material

When considering a wetsuit bucket, it's worth checking if it includes a rubber or foam base mat that offers buoyancy. This feature allows water to drain away from your wetsuit, promoting quicker drying and preventing it from being soaked in a pool of water. By selecting a wetsuit bucket with a floating base mat, you can ensure that your wetsuit remains in optimal condition, as it won't be subjected to prolonged exposure to excess moisture. This efficient drainage system enhances the drying process and contributes to the overall longevity of your wetsuit, making it a valuable aspect to consider in your buying decision.

Additional Features

It's essential to consider additional features that enhance the bucket’s usability. Look for options that offer convenient extras, such as an adjustable webbing shoulder strap for easy carrying. Pockets are another useful addition, allowing you to store small items securely while changing. Some wetsuit buckets even come with insulation, transforming them into coolers for keeping your drinks refreshingly cold. By selecting a wetsuit bucket with these practical features, you can elevate your overall experience and enjoy added convenience during your surfing adventures.

Wetsuit Buckets User Reviews

It’s highly recommended to read customer reviews and ratings. These insights provide valuable information about the performance, durability, and practicality of the wetsuit bucket. Real-life experiences shared by fellow surfers can offer essential guidance in making an informed decision. Take the time to explore the feedback and opinions of others to gain valuable insights into the wetsuit bucket's quality and suitability for your specific requirements.

Price and Budget

When embarking on your search for a surfing wetsuit bucket, it's wise to establish a budget range that aligns with your preferences and needs. Take into account the features and quality offered by different brands within your designated budget. By doing so, you can ensure that you find the best value for your hard-earned money. Evaluate the options available and compare their features, durability, and overall value proposition. With a clear budget range in mind, you can make an informed decision that satisfies both your financial considerations and your desire for a high-quality wetsuit changing bucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I rinse my wetsuit after surfing?

Yes, it is highly recommended to rinse your wetsuit after surfing with freshwater to remove saltwater, sand, and debris, which helps prolong its life and prevent odors, before thoroughly drying and storing it.

What are the benefits to using a changing bucket or mat?

Helps prevent sand and dirt from getting on your wetsuit, provides a designated space for changing, and keeps your gear organized in one place.

What are wetsuit buckets?

Wetsuit buckets are a portable container designed specifically for surfers to change in and out of their wetsuits while keeping the surrounding area clean.

It is necessary to have a wetsuit changing bucket?

While not essential, having a changing bucket for after surfing can greatly simplify the process of changing in and out of your wetsuit and help keep your gear organised.

How do I chose the right wetsuit buckets for surfing?

When choosing a surfing changing bucket, consider factors such as size, material, drainage system, and additional features like pockets or carrying straps to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Can I use alternatives to a wetsuit buckets?

Yes, if a surfing changing bucket is not available, you can use alternatives such as a large towel, waterproof bag, or even a dedicated changing mat to create a clean and convenient space for changing out of your wetsuit.

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