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Welcome to another episode of Surf Bank's Beyond The Frame where we dive into the captivating world of surf and ocean photography, going beyond mesmerising captures exploring the backstory of many talented photographers. In this episode we will be hearing from Bertrand Lanneau a passionate surf photographer from the South East of France, near Marseille. Beyond the frame aims to inspire and inform future surf photographers and ocean lovers being your backstage pass to detailed insights from the minds behind stunning surf shots.

Bertrand Lanneau Gallery

What Did Your Childhood Look Like?

I grew up in the south east of France, near Marseille, so close to the Mediterranean sea. A place most known for its wind rather than for its waves (even if there are some). I grew up doing many "extreme sports" such as snowboard, street and dirt mountain biking, roller skate, skateboard, etc. I alway loved reading magazines as well as viewing videos and the surf scene was a part of that.

What Came First, Surfing or Photography?

Photography came first. I really started to focus on taking proper pictures when I was 18. Since then, I never stopped.

How Did You Get Into Surf Photography?

In 2013, I worked at the Surfrider Foundation European headquarters based in Biarritz for a few months. I discovered the surf community at that time and took my first shots. Next, I went to Australia for 9 months with a photography project called "Evolution" where I shot random surfers, waiting for them to go out of the water to ask them some questions about their views between surfing and the environment.

Where Do You Normally Shoot?

After living in many cities in France and travelling in a van for free during 6 months all around Europe for a rental company (we published a book called "Drive Your Adventure" available in french and german), my family and I had the great opportunity to found a home in Seignosse, France. So I live just next to world class surf spots such as La Nord, La Gravière and many more in Les Landes or in the Bask Country.

Photo By Bertrand Lanneau

Where Do You Shoot? Water or Land?

I shoot on land but I would love to give a try in the water. Discover new perspectives.

What Makes The Perfect Image?

In my opinion, the perfect image doesn't exist. At least it won't be the perfect shot for everyone. But to me : deep wave, in the tube or a big turn and an amazing background such as mountains, trees, cliffs, in the cold. I love cold surf pictures.

How Did You Become So Involved In The Surf Scene?

I don't know if I'm really involved. I do my things when I can. I try to find the surfers as much as I can because they are a part of the shot I took and I'm glad when they have them. Moreover, I'm quite new to the place I live, I have two small kids to take care of, so it's harder to have free time to get to know new people. But time will do its tricks!

Do You Have A Favourite Photographer That Has Inspired You?

I grew up looking closely to Chris Burkard. The mix between pure action, magnificent landscape and inspirational shots. But nowadays I'm always amazed by Ben Thouard, the angles and the shapes he found. And recently, I discovered Marcus Paladino, a photographer from Tofino. I love his approach and his style. And nearby, Seb Picaud is true master at colors. But there is so many talented photographers out there.

What's Your Biggest Challenge To Overcome When Shooting?

It's always a mix between being really close to the action but getting the foreground, the scale while keeping it minimalist. A fight between the whole scene and just a detail.

Photo By Bertrand Lanneau

Bertrand's Equipment List

Camera & Lenses

Bertrand normally shoots with a Nikon Z6ii using lenses: 20mm f1.8, 24-70mm f4, 70-200mm f2.8 and Teleconverter X2

Bertrand's Favourite Shot Taken

Bertrand Lanneau's Favourite Shot

Bertrand's Future Plans

I would love to go back to Scotland and Norway to shoot some proper waves in the cold water!

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Photo By Bertrand Lanneau

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