6 Famous Italian Surfers: The Best!

It’s always up for debate, "who are the most famous Italian surfers"?

We list the current most famous Italian surfers, going into detail of their impact on Italy's surf culture and surfing as a whole.

The list of famous Italian surfers is forever growing so here is our 6 best!

Most Famous Italian Surfers

Famous Italian surfers include Filippo Orso, Leonardo Fioravanti and Nicola Bresciani all known for putting Italy on the map in the surfing world.

This list of the most famous Italian surfers is forever growing! Let's get into each famous Italian surfers story below in detail.

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Angelo Bonomelli

Born: 1991

Origin: Italian-Costa Rican

Style: Angelo Bonomelli, an Italian-Costa Rican surfer, is recognized for his dynamic and versatile surfing style. His approach to the waves is characterised by agility and skill, showcasing a deep connection with the ocean and an ability to thrive in competitive conditions.

famous Italian surfers

About: Angelo Bonomelli was born in Varese, Italy, in 1991, and his surfing journey is marked by a unique blend of Italian and Costa Rican influences. As a member of the Volcom Europe surf team and under the guidance of surfing legend Didier Piter, Bonomelli made history as the first Italian surfer to achieve significant results in the ASP Pro Junior and QS hence his inclusion in the most famous Italian surfers.

Achievements: Angelo Bonomelli, the groundbreaking Italian-Costa Rican surfer born in Varese, Italy, in 1991, has made historic strides in the international surfing scene. As the first Italian surfer to excel in the ASP Pro Junior and QS circuits, Bonomelli's achievements include winning the Analog Challenge in 2009, becoming the 2009 Italian Champion, and securing notable rankings in various competitions. Highlights also include victories at the Somo Quiksilver Open in 2012, the Versilia Surf Trophy in 2012, and the X-Turan Surf Contest in 2013. Angelo Bonomelli's consistent success has firmly established him as a trailblazer in Italian surfing, alongside his contemporary, Leonardo Fioravanti.

Instagram: @angelobonomelli

famous Italian surfers - Angelo Bonomelli Surfing 2015

Filippo Orso

Origin: Italian

Style: Filippo Orso, an Italian surfer born in Pietra Ligure, brings a patient and dedicated approach to his surfing. His style is marked by a deep connection with the sea, emphasising the importance of timing and embracing the unpredictability of waves.

famous Italian surfers

About: Always with his gaze fixed on the sea, Filippo Orso turned his childhood passion into a profession. Born and raised in the coastal town of Pietra Ligure, Italy, he has devoted his life to surfing. Whether patiently waiting for waves during flat periods or organising surf camps, Orso's commitment to the sport extends beyond the act of riding waves. He has seamlessly integrated his love for the sea into various facets of his life, including instructing and collaborating with the Californian brand Bear.

Achievements: Filippo Orso's surfing journey has been defined by resilience and a deep connection to the ocean. His achievements include surf exploration in Iceland in 2015, where he surfed among icebergs against a breathtaking backdrop. While not part of the World Surf League, Orso's dedication to his passion is evident in his victories at Somo Quiksilver Open in 2012 and the X-Turan Surf Contest in 2013, showcasing his ability to excel in diverse surfing conditions.

Instagram: @filippoorso

famous Italian surfers - Filippo Orso in Switzerland

Leonardo Fioravanti

Born: December 8, 1997

Origin: Rome, Italy

Style: Leonardo Fioravanti, an Italian surfer, is known for his dynamic and adaptable surfing style. He navigates the waves with resilience and skill, showcasing a deep connection to the sport.

famous Italian surfers

About: Leonardo Fioravanti made history as the first Italian surfer to compete in the Olympic surfing competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Despite facing challenges, such as injuries during the 2016 US Open, Fioravanti's dedication paved the way for his remarkable journey in the world of professional surfing marking his name as one of many famous Italian surfers.

Achievements: Fioravanti's notable achievements include representing Italy in the 2020 Summer Olympics, marking a significant milestone for Italian surfing. He competed as the first Italian surfer in the inaugural Olympic surfing competition, making it to the second round. His resilience and competitive spirit have contributed to elevating the profile of Italian surfers on the global stage.

Instagram: @leofioravanti

famous Italian surfers - Leonardo Fioravanti Surfing

Nicola Bresciani

Born: January 2, 1981

Origin: Pietrasanta, Italian

Style: Nicola Bresciani, born in Pietrasanta, Italy, on January 2, 1981, is a pioneering Italian surfer renowned for his influential role in modern Italian surfing. As an icon of the national surf and beach-style sector, Bresciani has set historic benchmarks in international competitions, establishing himself as one of the most promising surfers on the Italian scene.

famous Italian surfers

About: A trailblazer in Italian surfing, Nicola Bresciani has not only achieved historic results in international competitions but has also been a driving force in the growth of the sport nationally. His influence extends beyond the waves, as demonstrated when he became the first Italian surfer to carry the Olympic flame during the 2006 Turin Olympics in Monza. Bresciani has furthered his impact through participation in significant radio broadcasts on Radio Deejay and RAI programs and has been featured in publications like Men's Health and various sports and fitness magazines.

Achievements: Nicola Bresciani high on the list of most famous Italian surfers boasts multiple national surfing championships in the shortboard specialty, showcasing his dominance in the sport. After two decades as a professional surfer, he transitioned seamlessly into a business consultant role, collaborating with major brands in the sector, including Quiksilver, Burton, Gruppo, Fiat, and Budweiser. Presently, he serves as the director of the prominent Italian surfing site demonstrating his commitment to fostering the surfing community. Additionally, Bresciani owns a communication agency, specialising in event organisation, marketing, and the launch of new brands within the Italian surfing sector. His expertise extends to surf photography from the water and video production, and he actively runs surf schools in Versilia.

Instagram: @nikbresciani

famous Italian surfers - Nicola Bresciani Surfing

Valentina Vitale

Born: November 2, 1984

Origin: Italy

Style: Valentina Vitale, an Italian surfer, embodies a journey of passion and dedication. Starting her surfing journey at eighteen, she cultivated her skills through extensive global travels, immersing herself in the waves of Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Central America, Hawaii, Canary Islands, Spain, France, Morocco, and England.

famous Italian surfers

About: Born on November 2, 1984, Valentina Vitale's surfing odyssey began later than most, at the age of eighteen. Undeterred, she embarked on a transformative journey, refining her skills through cultural and geographical exploration. In 2006, alongside her partner Alessandro Clinco, she co-founded the Ostia Surf School & Club, situated in Lido di Ostia (RM), which stands as the largest surf school in Italy, boasting a vibrant community of members. Beyond the waves, Valentina is a five-time Italian shortboard champion, achieving a remarkable fifth place at the 2015 European Surfing Championships in Casablanca, Morocco. Her academic achievements include a degree in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations from Sapienza University of Rome.

Achievements: Valentina Vitale's accolades in the world of surfing include five Italian shortboard championships, showcasing her dominance in the national arena. In 2015, she secured a notable fifth place at the European Surfing Championships in Casablanca, Morocco, underlining her competitive prowess. The pinnacle of her achievements came in 2016 when she not only participated but emerged victorious in the Italian Pro Surfer talent show held in Morocco.

Instagram: @valentinavitalesurf

famous Italian surfers - Valentina Vitale Surfing 2009

Valeria Patriarca

Born: June 6, 1997, Rome, Italy

Origin: Italian

Style: Valeria Patriarca, an Italian surfer, discovered her passion for surfing at the age of 13 and swiftly rose to prominence in national and international competitions. Specialising in shortboards, Patriarca's journey in the surfing world is marked by three consecutive Italian junior championships and multiple victories in the under-18 female short category.

famous Italian surfers

About: Valeria Patriarca transitioned from seven years of swimming to surfing after trying the sport for the first time at a 2010 event in Santa Severa. Influenced by mentor Valentina D'azzeo, she quickly found success in national junior competitions, leading to her selection for the Italian national team. Patriarca's commitment to surfing is complemented by her academic pursuits, holding a degree in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations from the Sapienza University of Rome.

Achievements: Valeria Patriarca's surfing accolades include three consecutive Italian junior championships (2013-2015) and numerous first-place finishes in the Italian Fisurf Junior Championships under the 18 female short category. She made history as the first Italian female athlete to achieve a European top 10 in Eurosurfs, securing 9th place in the Azores in 2014. Patriarca's talent extended to the Spanish circuit, where she claimed 4th place in the open short category at the 4th Festival Escuela Cantabra de Surf. Additionally, she showcased her skills in the Italian Pro Surfer television talent show, earning a commendable second place in Red Carpet production.

Instagram: @valeria_surf

famous Italian surfers - Valeria Patriarca Surfing

Other Famous Italian Surfers 

Famous Italian Surf Spots 


  • Levanto
  • Varazze
  • Bonassola


  • Viareggio
  • Marina di Pisa


  • Capo Mannu
  • Porto Ferro


  • Mondello (near Palermo)
  • La Maddalena


  • Scilla

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any surfing in Italy?

Yes, Italy offers surfing opportunities along its coastlines, particularly in regions like Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, and Sicily.

What is the best season to surf in Italy?

The best surfing season in Italy is generally during the fall and winter months, from September to April popular among famous Italian surfers.

Can you surf in Milan?

Milan is inland and doesn't have direct access to the sea, so surfing in Milan is not possible. Surfing spots are typically located along the coastal areas of Italy.

Can you surf in Italy for beginners?

Certainly, Italy caters to beginners with numerous surf schools and spots suitable for learning. The coastal areas provide a welcoming environment for those new to surfing.

Is there surfing in Amalfi?

While Amalfi is not known for its surfing, some nearby areas along the Tyrrhenian Sea offer surfable conditions. However, it's not a prominent surfing destination.

Can you surf in Rome?

Rome, being inland, does not have direct surf spots. Surfers usually head to coastal regions like Ostia, located near Rome, to catch waves in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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