How to Pop Up Like a Surfing Pro 101!

If you want to be a surfer, you need to know how to pop up. The art of surfing is made by learning how to pop up correctly so you can get moving on any wave of your choice! 

Learning how to pop up is definitely easier said than done, however if you follow the correct steps and are committed plus patient you will be carving waves in no time!

How To Pop Up When Surfing?

To pop up when surfing, start by lying belly-down with your hands near your chest.

Swiftly push up with your arms, bringing one foot forward between your hands and then the other, landing in a stable, crouched stance ready for riding the wave. 

Here is a simplified guide:

  1. Prone Position: Start lying belly-down on the surfboard.
  2. Hand Placement: Position your hands near your chest, parallel to your shoulders.
  3. Push-Up: Swiftly push up with your arms, engaging your core muscles.
  4. Front Foot Forward: Bring one foot forward between your hands.
  5. Back Foot Placement: Place your back foot beside your front foot, creating a stable, crouched stance.
  6. Ready Position: Ensure your weight is evenly distributed, and you're ready to ride the wave.

When To Pop Up When Surfing? 

Aim to pop up onto a wave when you feel the wave's energy propelling your board forward and lifting you. 

The ideal moment is as the wave begins to crest, providing the necessary momentum to smoothly transition from a prone position to standing. Timing is key, so pop up promptly to catch the wave at its peak, ensuring a balanced and exhilarating ride.

Pop Up Positioning, Stance and Balance

Mastering how to pop up when surfing involves these 3 core skills of positioning, stance and balance. If you get these fundamental skills mastered early you will learn how to pop up much quicker! 

Pop Up Positioning

  • Prone Position: Start lying on your surfboard with your chest down and hands near your shoulders.
  • Elbows Tucked: Keep your elbows bent and close to your body, ensuring stability.

Pop Up Stance

  • Quick Push-Up: Swiftly push up with your arms, transitioning to a low crouch.
  • Front Foot Placement: Bring your front foot forward between your hands.
  • Back Foot Placement: Place your back foot beside the front foot, forming a stable and comfortable stance.

Pop Up Balance

  • Centre of Gravity: Keep your weight centred over the board to maintain balance.
  • Flexed Knees: Bend your knees slightly to absorb the wave's movements and enhance stability.

By focusing on proper positioning, adopting a stable stance, and maintaining balance, you'll master the art of the pop-up for a smooth and controlled ride on the waves.

Surfing Guide How To Pop Up 

Surfing embodies both artistry and skill, and at the core of every successful wave ride is the mastery of the pop-up technique. This detailed guide provides a step-by-step breakdown, ensuring you not only understand but can seamlessly execute the how to pop up process, unlocking a world of grace and confidence in your surfing journey.

1. Prone Position

Commence your surfing sequence by confidently lying belly-down on your board. Ensuring your body is centred primes you for the precision required in executing a flawless pop up.

2. Hand Placement

Initiate the how to pop up movement by placing your hands strategically close to your chest, maintaining a parallel alignment to your shoulders. This technique offers a sturdy foundation, crucial for a controlled transition.

3. Push-Up

Unlock the how to pop up prowess within you by engaging your core muscles and executing a powerful yet controlled push-up. This movement propels your upper body, laying the groundwork for an effortless transition.

4. Front Foot Forward

As you rise with newfound confidence, channel the how to pop up energy by seamlessly bringing one foot forward between your hands. This orchestrated move is pivotal, setting the stage for balance and readiness.

5. Back Foot Placement

Harmonise the how-to-pop-up technique by placing your back foot beside the front foot with finesse. Achieving a stable crouched stance with slightly bent knees ensures your readiness to conquer the waves.

6. Ready Position

Embrace the how to pop up strategy of weight distribution, centering yourself over the board. This poised and balanced position readies you for the exhilarating ride that follows.

7. Eye on the Wave

Integrate the how to pop up wisdom by keeping a keen eye on the advancing wave. This not only refines your timing but enhances your ability to anticipate the wave's dynamics, ensuring adaptability in your stance.

8. Fluid Motion

Immerse yourself in the how top op up flow, aiming for a seamless and connected motion. This fluidity minimises the risk of balance disruptions, allowing you to seamlessly connect with and ride the wave.

9. Practice on Land

Before embracing the waves, anchor your how to pop up proficiency by practising on solid ground. Repetition on dry land refines muscle memory, amplifying the efficiency of your movements in the water.

10. Consistent and Intentional Practice

Elevate your surfing prowess through consistent and intentional how-to-pop-up practice. Regular sessions refine muscle strength, coordination, and the overall finesse required for a triumphant wave-riding journey.

how to pop up

Surfing How To Pop Up Video

As surfers we are often visual learners so a step by step guide on how to pop up isn't enough! We have listed our favourite helpful videos you can refer back to when learning how to pop up on your surfboard. 

Surf Pop Up Exercises

Prone Position Practice: Begin by lying belly-down on your board, focusing on centering your body for stability.

Hand Placement Drills: Practice placing your hands near your chest in a parallel alignment to your shoulders, ensuring a strong foundation.

Core Engagement Exercises: Incorporate exercises that strengthen your core muscles, as a powerful push-up is crucial for a successful pop-up.

Foot Movement Drills: Work on bringing one foot forward between your hands smoothly, practising the coordinated motion required for the pop-up.

Stance Stability Exercises: Develop stability by practising placing your back foot beside the front foot in a crouched stance, ensuring balance.

Weight Distribution Workouts: Focus on evenly distributing your weight over the board, a key element for maintaining control in the ready position.

Wave Anticipation Drills: Train your eyes to anticipate the wave's movement, refining your timing and adaptability for a successful pop-up.

Fluid Motion Practice: Incorporate exercises that promote a seamless and connected motion, mimicking the fluidity required for a smooth pop-up.

Dry Land Pop-Up Rehearsals: Practise the entire pop-up sequence on dry land, reinforcing muscle memory before hitting the waves.

Consistent Repetition: Regularly repeat these exercises to enhance your pop-up proficiency and build the necessary strength and coordination for confident wave-riding.

Practice Surf Pop Up At Home

Practising the surf pop-up at home is a valuable and accessible way to enhance your surfing skills. Begin by simulating the prone position on a soft surface, mimicking the feel of a surfboard. Focus on precise hand placement near your chest, engaging your core muscles for a controlled push-up.

Practice bringing one foot forward between your hands and placing the back foot beside it, creating a stable stance. 

By repeating these movements in a deliberate and controlled manner, you reinforce muscle memory, making the pop-up second nature when you hit the waves. Additionally, incorporating specific exercises to strengthen your core and improve flexibility can further contribute to refining your pop-up technique. Regular at-home practice not only boosts your confidence but also accelerates your progression once you're out in the surf.

Common Surfing Pop Up Mistakes

Despite its apparent simplicity, the surfing pop-up is a skill that often comes with its share of common mistakes. One frequent error when learning how to pop up is rushing or delaying, leading to instability on the board. It's essential to find the right balance between speed and control. Another common mistake is improper hand placement, affecting the overall stability of the movement. Beginners might struggle with bringing the back foot up too late or too early, disrupting the flow of the pop-up. 

Additionally, not distributing weight evenly between both feet can result in loss of balance. 

Addressing these mistakes involves focused practice, feedback from experienced surfers, and a keen awareness of your body movements. By recognising and rectifying these common errors, surfers can refine their pop up technique for a smoother and more enjoyable surfing experience.

Summing It Up: What To Do Now

Nice! Now you have something to refer back to when learning how to pop up on your surfboard! If your new to surfing ensure you know the best surf wax's to ensure you can popup with 100% grip every time!

If your interested in learning more about surfing discover our many guides that will inform you on your surfing journey. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay informed on our amazing surf shots and stories shared from surf creators around the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pop up surfing for beginners?

Start by lying on the surfboard in a prone position. Place your hands near your chest, push up quickly with your arms, bring one foot forward between your hands, and place the back foot beside it. Ensure weight distribution is even, creating a stable, crouched stance—practice and repetition are key for beginners to master the pop-up technique.

Why can't I pop up on a surfboard?

Inability to pop up on a surfboard may be due to factors like lack of strength, improper technique, or fear. Strengthen your core and practice the pop-up motion regularly. Analyse your technique, ensure proper hand and foot placement, and address any fear or anxiety through gradual exposure and building confidence.

What is the first rule of surfing?

The first rule of surfing is often considered to be "safety first." Prioritise your safety and the safety of others in the water. Respect surf etiquette, be aware of your surroundings, and adhere to basic rules such as not dropping in on other surfers.

How do I get better pop up surfing?

To improve your pop-up in surfing, focus on core strength and flexibility through targeted exercises. Practice the pop-up motion on land, refining the fluidity of the movement. Additionally, seek feedback from experienced surfers or instructors, as constructive guidance can significantly enhance your technique.

How do you know when to pop up surfing?

Pop up on a surfboard when you feel the wave's energy lifting the board and propelling it forward. Timing is crucial; pop up as the wave begins to crest to catch it at its peak. Trust your instincts and synchronise your pop-up with the wave's momentum for a smooth and successful ride.

Can I teach myself surfing?

While self-teaching is possible, it's recommended to take lessons from experienced instructors for a safer and more effective learning experience. Professional guidance helps beginners understand essential techniques, ocean awareness, and safety measures, accelerating the learning curve and fostering a solid foundation in surfing.

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