Surfing Bulken Wave 101: Voss Norway

What to do when there is no surf near you, find a river and you may find something similar to the Bulken Wave.

The Bulken wave located in Voss Norway is a hidden gem for adventurous surfers!

Surfing Bulken Wave

The Bulken Wave, or Bulkenbølgen in Norwegian, is a distinctive surf spot located in the Vosso River in Bulken, Voss, Norway. During the winter and summer surfers take on this river wave offering a once in a lifetime experience surfing Norway!

Where is the Bulken Wave?

Positioned approximately 500 metres from Bulken Train Station at Vangsvatnet Lake, this wave stands out for its glassy river characteristics. Surfers aim to surf the Bulken Wave, especially when the water flow reaches a rate between 125 to 150 cubic metres per second. 

The wave offers a unique surfing experience, distinct from traditional ocean waves, and its name is derived from the nearby town of Bulken. Surfing enthusiasts find the Bulken Wave to be a hidden gem in the Norwegian countryside, providing an unforgettable and picturesque adventure.

Who is the surfer surfing the Bulken Wave? 

Shared on our social media is surfer Anton Saeten (@antonsaeten) taking on the Bulken Wave during a cold period captured by Bjornar Saeten (@bjornarsaeten). To surf a wave like this takes a lot of skill and focus as it’s a little different to a normal wave. Not to mention being accustomed to the icy water once you fall in, head over to their profiles to view more amazon river surfing! 

Best Time For Surfing Bulken Wave 

The best time for surfing the Bulken Wave spans both winter and summer, offering surfers a diverse experience throughout the year. Despite the contrasting seasons, this unique surf spot remains accessible and enjoyable. 

In the winter months, from December to February, surfers can brave the colder temperatures and still catch the wave, experiencing the thrill against the backdrop of a winter wonderland. On the other hand, from May to July during the summer, the weather is milder, providing a more comfortable surfing environment. 

How Are The Bulken Waves Created?

The creation of river waves, including the Bulken Wave, is influenced by several factors related to the river's topography, flow dynamics, and obstacles in the watercourse. Here's an overview of how river waves for surfers are typically formed:

River Topography: River waves often form in areas where there is a sudden change in the riverbed's elevation, such as a drop or constriction. This change causes the water to create a standing wave as it flows over the irregularities in the riverbed.

River Flow Rate: The flow rate of the river plays a crucial role. Ideally, for a good river wave, there should be a consistent and strong flow of water. The rate at which the water moves downstream contributes to the formation and sustainability of the wave.

River Obstacles: Natural or man-made obstacles in the river, such as rocks or boulders, can create turbulence and disturbances in the water flow. These disturbances, when combined with the right river conditions, can lead to the formation of surfable waves.

Hydraulic Jump: A hydraulic jump occurs when fast-moving water abruptly encounters slower-moving water. This phenomenon leads to the formation of a standing wave, which surfers can ride. The Bulken Wave, like other river waves, may owe its existence to hydraulic jumps in the Vosso River.

Seasonal Variations: River waves can vary in size and intensity depending on the season. Factors such as snowmelt and rainfall influence the water volume and flow rate, impacting the characteristics of the wave. Surfers may find different challenges and experiences depending on the time of year.

Local Geography: The specific geography of the river, including its width and depth, can contribute to the creation and sustainability of surfable waves. Narrower sections or bends in the river may enhance wave formation.

Is it safe to surf the Bulken Wave 

Surfing the Bulken Wave can be safe for experienced surfers accustomed to river wave conditions. However, beginners should exercise caution due to the wave's unique characteristics and the challenges posed by the river environment.

Can Beginners Surf The Bulken Wave? 

As for beginners, it is advisable to gain experience in more controlled and beginner-friendly surf environments before attempting to surf the Bulken Wave. The complex dynamics of river waves make it essential for novice surfers to develop their skills in more predictable settings before tackling the challenges presented by the Bulken Wave.

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Summing It Up: What To Do Now

Nice! Now you know the ins and outs of the Bulken wave is it time to consider a trip to try some river surfing in Norway? You won't regret it!

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