6 Best Surf Wax Combs In 2024!

Surf wax combs are surfers best friend when it comes to removing wax from their surfboard.

In 2024 there is now hundreds of surf wax combs on the market which is why we have put together a list of the best surf wax combs available right now!

What Are The Best Surf Wax Combs?

No matter what surf accessory purchase you make, from surfboard wall racks to portable surf showers it's essential that you ensure it's the best equipment on the market!

Best Surf Wax Combs
best surf wax combs
best surf wax combs

1) Sex Wax Surf Wax Combs

Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a specialized surfboard wax designed to enhance traction on the deck while also serving versatile functions. It features a toothed edge for roughing or combing wax, a short edge for addressing dings and dents on the board, and a curved section for effective rail de-waxing. This surf wax helps surfers maintain their grip on the board and perform necessary maintenance tasks.

Product Pros

  • Trusted Brand
  • Lightweight
  • Does Not Scratch
  • Fits On Keys

Product Cons

  • Plastic
Second Best Surf Wax Combs
best surf wax combs

2) Pali Surf Ultimate Tool

This universal surfboard key is a versatile tool suitable for various fin systems, including FCS, Futures, single fin boxes, and SUP/longboard center fin screws. It serves as a multi-tool for surfing, featuring functions like surf wax removal, wax combing, fin file maintenance and repair, and even a beer bottle opener. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this tool boasts a solid construction with a polished finish.

Product Pros

  • Durable
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Lasting

Product Cons

  • Heavy
Surfers Favourite Surf Wax Combs
best surf wax combs

3) Pickle Surf Wax Comb

The Pickle Wax Remover, along with its included wax comb, is a specialized tool designed for efficiently removing surf wax from any surfboard.

Product Pros

  • 100% Recycled
  • Awesome Design
  • Detailed Teeth

Product Cons

  • Can Wear Over Time
Most Efficient Surf Wax Combs
best surf wax combs

4) Ho Stevie! Surf Wax Comb

This all-in-one surf tool combines a fin key, wax comb/scraper, and bottle opener, offering convenience at the beach. It includes 13 rust-resistant stainless steel fin screws, ensuring durability in saltwater conditions. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to return it for a full refund within 30 days if not completely satisfied.

Product Pros

  • Trusted Brand
  • Very Efficient
  • Removes Wax Easily

Product Cons

  • Heavier Than Most Combs
Best Surf Wax Combs Kit
best surf wax combs

5) Sticky Bumps Surf Wax Comb Kit

This product includes Sticky Bumps Wax, Fireball Wax Remover, a Flexcomb Scraper, and a Future Fin Key. It provides a total of four bars of wax, including two tropical, one base coat, and one cool wax. It's a comprehensive package for surfers looking to maintain their board's wax and fins.

Product Pros

  • Great Value
  • Full Package
  • Durable

Product Cons

  • Plastic
Best Wooden Surf Wax Combs
best surf wax combs

6) Sand Everywhere Surf Wax Comb

This product offers a 2-pack of natural, eco-friendly bamboo combs, perfect for traveling surfers seeking a lightweight option. It enables easy wax removal, adjusting to water temperature changes, or applying a new base coat. The comb side enhances traction by roughing the surface for improved foot grip, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee for customer peace of mind.

Product Pros

  • The Perfect Setup
  • Comes With Box
  • Removes Wax With Ease

Product Cons

  • Heavier Than Most Surf Combs

How To Use A Surf Wax Combs?

How To Use Surf Wax Combs? From @howcast

Using a surf wax comb is a straightforward process that helps maintain optimal traction on your surfboard. First, ensure that your surfboard is clean and free of any old wax. If there's residual wax, use the comb's straight edge to scrape it off gently, making long, even strokes in the direction of the tail. This process prepares your board for a fresh wax coat.

Next, use the comb's toothed edge to apply a new layer of surf wax to your board. You can do this by applying wax in a circular motion or in diagonal lines across the board, depending on your preference. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of wax for your session, especially if you're heading out in cold water, as you'll need more wax for increased traction.

After applying the wax, use the comb's comb side to create textured patterns in the wax. This texturing helps create pockets for your feet to grip and maintains the wax's effectiveness throughout your surf session. Once you've completed this process, your board should be ready for the waves, providing excellent traction for your ride.

Surf Wax Combs Kit

A wax comb surf kit is an essential accessory for any surfer looking to maintain their board and optimize their performance in the water. Typically, these kits include various tools designed to help surfers with wax application and removal. They often consist of a wax comb, a fin key, and sometimes additional items like wax bars or a bottle opener.

The wax comb is the core tool, featuring multiple functions like a straight edge for wax removal, a toothed edge for wax application, and a comb side for creating traction on the waxed surface. The fin key allows surfers to easily adjust or replace their fins as needed, ensuring the board's performance matches their preferences and the surf conditions. Some kits may also include extra wax bars, providing surfers with ample wax for their sessions.

Ultimately, a wax comb surf kit is a versatile and convenient package that assists surfers in maintaining their boards and optimizing their experience in the water, making it a valuable addition to any surfer's gear collection.

Best Surf Wax Combs: Buyers Guide


Aim to purchase a surf wax comb made of durable and sturdy material which can be a variety of high-quality plastic, stainless steel or wood. These materials ensure longevity and effective wax removal without easily breaking or bending. There are plenty of surf wax combs that offer eco friendly materials often from recycled collected waste from the ocean.

Teeth Design

The teeth design for any surf wax combs is important.

Aim to purchase surf wax combs with different types of teeth, such as fine and wide teeth, as they are designed to remove different wax densities effectively. This versatility allows you to tackle various wax conditions on your surfboard whether 2 weeks old or 2 months old you will be able to easily remove the wax and leave your board looking fresh.


You want to purchase surf wax combs with a comfortable grip and efficient design as this ensures ease of use and prevents hand fatigue during extended wax removal session This is important as removing wax from your board is definitely a job to take a day for as depending on board size removing and covering your whole board in wax will add up on the clock. A well-designed comb will fit comfortably in your hand and provide a firm grip for effective scraping.

Multi Use

Some surf wax combs come with additional features, such as fin key or bottle opener integrated into the design. These extra functionalities can be very handy, especially when you're on the go or need to perform multiple tasks while preparing for a surf session. These small features are easy to misplace in your car especially a fin key so you can never have enough of them lying around.


If you frequently travel or like to keep your surf essentials compact, consider a compact and lightweight surf wax comb that may also come with a box. These portable options are easy to carry in your surf bag or pocket, allowing you to remove wax whenever and wherever needed as you never know mid surf trip you may need to freshen up your wax if your feet aren't sticking anymore.

Customer Reviews

Every surfer will of rewaxed their board at least once, therefore asking them for advice will help you understand which sort of wax comb to purchase. They may of tried alternative ways to remove wax such as using a credit card after leaving the board out in the sun, but overtime these aren't effective and you will realise a surf wax comb at a small price is the way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to wax your board?

Applying surf wax provides traction and grip, allowing you to maintain control and stability while riding the waves. Without wax, your feet may slip on the board, making you wipeout.

What else can I use my surf wax combs for?

They can also be used for applying or shaping wax, creating textured patterns on the board, or even assisting with minor repairs like removing wax residue from fin boxes.

Why won't wax stick to my board?

Because you need to put the base coat on first then the top coat of wax. Add the basecoat to the whole of the board apart from the nose then begin to add the second layer of wax. You'll be good to go in no time!

How often should you use surf wax combs?

You should use your surf wax comb after each surf session or whenever you notice a buildup of wax on your board. Regular combing helps maintain optimal traction.

How to remove old wax from my surfboard?

We recommend to use wax comb or a scraper to gently scrape off the wax from the board's surface. After removing the bulk of the wax, use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining residue.

How to know when to re-wax my board?

You'll know it's time to remove surf wax when it becomes excessively dirty, loses its stickiness, or starts to build up too thickly on the board's surface.

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