Top 20 Things You Didn't Know About the Ocean

The world's oceans are a huge mystery even in 2024, we can agree there things you didn’t know about the ocean still!

We are here to tell you many things you didn’t know about the ocean, so let’s get into it!

Quick 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Ocean

  • The ocean covers most of Earth, about 71%.
  • The ocean is like a treasure chest, holding 37 out of 50 important minerals.
  • Think of the ocean as Earth's climate manager, acting like its heartbeat.
  • There's enough salt in the ocean to blanket the entire Earth.
  • The ocean floor is on the move, changing and shifting.
  • Sea levels and ocean water amounts can change over time.
  • We're not sure how many different creatures call the ocean home.
  • Almost all Earth's wildlife, 94%, hangs out in the ocean.
  • The ocean is a busy oxygen factory, making over 70% of what we breathe.
  • The sun is the artist that paints the ocean blue.
  • The Mariana Trench is the ocean's deepest part, a whopping 7 miles down in the South Pacific.
  • The pressure at the Mariana Trench's bottom can crush things—it's like having eight tons on every inch.
  • Coral has a neat trick, making its own "sunscreen" to protect the tiny algae living in it.
  • Earth's biggest mountain range is hidden underwater—it's called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, stretching 40,390 miles.
  • The ocean can be loud! The loudest noise recorded was from an iceberg in 1997, known as "The Bloop."
  • You can safely sip on ocean ice if you let it sit and release the brine.
  • Most volcanic action, a whopping 90%, happens in the ocean.
  • The ocean floor is like a museum with an estimated 3 million shipwrecks.
  • More historical treasures are underwater than in all the world's museums combined.
  • The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is so grand, you can spot it from the moon.

The list of things you didn’t know about the ocean is forever growing so it's important to stay update. Let's get into the detailed list of things you didn’t know about the ocean.

1. Ocean Covers 71% of Earth

The vastness of Earth is predominantly defined by the ocean, as it extends across an astonishing 71% of the planet's surface, creating a breathtaking panorama that plays a pivotal role in shaping the very essence of our world. 

This immense aquatic canvas, stretching as far as the eye can see, not only produces some of the tallest waves ever recorded but also harbours an incredible array of life, turning its expenses into an intricate tapestry of ecosystems that support countless species.

This is one of the most common spoke about things you didn’t know about the ocean!

2. The Ocean holds 37 out of 50 Important Minerals.

Beneath the gentle undulations of the ocean's surface lies a hidden trove of minerals, a veritable treasure chest guarding 37 out of 50 critical minerals essential for various industrial applications. 

Beyond its shimmering waves, the ocean functions as an invaluable resource reservoir, holding the key to sustaining industries that rely on these minerals, presenting a dynamic synergy between the aquatic realm and the advancements of human civilisation.

This is one of the most surprising things you didn’t know about the ocean!

3. The Ocean Controls Earth's Climate

In the grand orchestration of Earth's climate, the ocean assumes the role of a silent yet commanding manager, directing the intricate dance of weather patterns that shape the planet's environmental symphony. 

With a rhythmic ebb and flow, the ocean's currents and temperatures become the conductors of this planetary orchestra, influencing everything from rainfall patterns to the broader climate spectrum, ultimately positioning the ocean as the beating heart of Earth's atmospheric dynamics.

This is one of the most shocking things you didn’t know about the ocean!

4. Salt In The Ocean Can Cover The Whole Earth

Beyond its azure expanse, the ocean holds within its depths a staggering quantity of salt, a mineral so abundant that it could metaphorically blanket the entire Earth's surface. 

This saline richness underscores the ocean's intricate role in maintaining a delicate balance, not just in terms of the vast marine ecosystems it cradles but also in its influence on global weather patterns, making it a reservoir of essential elements crucial for the planet's equilibrium.

This is one of the most mind blowing things you didn’t know about the ocean!

5. The Ocean Floor Is Always Moving 

Venture beneath the surface of the ocean, and one discovers a dynamic landscape where the ocean floor is in perpetual motion, akin to an elaborate puzzle continually shifting its pieces. 

This constant movement, driven by tectonic forces, not only shapes the topography of the ocean floor but also plays a crucial role in seismic activities, highlighting the interconnectedness of the ocean's depths with the geological dynamics of the Earth.

This is one of the most scary things you didn’t know about the ocean!

6. Sea Levels Change Over Time

The ocean, with its ever-shifting dance of tides and currents, holds the mesmerising ability to influence sea levels and alter the quantity of water within its vast embrace over time. 

This rhythmic ebb and flow, a result of intricate climatic and oceanographic interactions, weaves a tale of perpetual change, leaving an indelible mark on the coastal landscapes and emphasising the ocean's role as a dynamic force moulding the geography of our planet.

This is one of the most well known things you didn’t know about the ocean!

7. We Don’t Know The Total Number of Ocean Creatures

The ocean, a realm of profound mystery, conceals within its depths an extraordinary biodiversity that remains largely unknown, a testament to the intricate complexities of marine ecosystems. 

With each dive into its enigmatic depths, scientists unveil a tapestry of life that defies imagination, showcasing an abundance of species whose interdependence we are only beginning to comprehend, making the exploration of ocean biodiversity a perpetual journey of discovery.

This is one of the most interesting things you didn’t know about the ocean!

8. 94% of Earth's Wildlife is in the Ocean

Emerging as a bustling metropolis for a diverse array of wildlife, the ocean becomes the ultimate hangout, hosting an astonishing 94% of Earth's wildlife within its watery embrace. 

This vibrant underwater city, teeming with life from microscopic plankton to majestic whales, not only captivates the imagination but also underscores the pivotal role the ocean plays in nurturing and sustaining a myriad of species across its varied ecosystems.

This is one of the most cool things you didn’t know about the ocean!

9. The Ocean Makes 70% of Earth's Oxygen

Nestled at the core of Earth's life-support system, the ocean emerges as a colossal oxygen factory, producing over 70% of the air we breathe through the intricate dance of photosynthetic organisms.

This vital contribution, often overlooked, serves as a constant reminder of the ocean's indispensable role in sustaining life on our planet, emphasising its significance as a primary source of the very air that fills our lungs.

This is one of the most sciency things you didn’t know about the ocean!

10. The Sun Makes The Ocean Blue

Casting its spell across the vast expanse of the ocean, the sun takes on the role of an artist, painting the water with varying shades of blue that mesmerise the beholder. 

This captivating phenomenon, a result of sunlight interacting with the ocean's composition, transforms each stretch of water into a living canvas, where the interplay of light and water creates a visual symphony that captivates and inspires.

This is one of the most asked things you didn’t know about the ocean!

11. The Mariana Trench is 7 Miles 

Embark on a deep-sea odyssey, and you'll encounter the Mariana Trench—an awe-inspiring chasm in the South Pacific that descends to unfathomable depths of around 7 miles. 

This abyssal trench, with its mysterious allure, stands as a testament to the ocean's extremes, revealing a world hidden from the casual observer and challenging our understanding of the profound depths concealed beneath the ocean's surface.

This is one of the most crazy things you didn’t know about the ocean!

12. The Pressure at the Mariana Trench's Is 8 Tons on Every Inch

Plunge into the depths of the Mariana Trench, and you'll encounter a phenomenon that defies comprehension—the water pressure reaches an astonishing eight tons per square inch. 

This crushing force, a consequence of the trench's immense depth, serves as a stark reminder of the inhospitable conditions that characterise the ocean's deepest realms, where the pressure becomes an overwhelming force capable of transforming even the sturdiest structures.

This is one of the most terrifying things you didn’t know about the ocean!

13. Coral Makes Its Own Sunscreen

Explore the intricate ecosystems of coral reefs, and you'll uncover a remarkable defence mechanism—corals produce their own "sunscreen" to protect the tiny algae residing within their delicate structures. 

This symbiotic relationship, where corals and algae collaborate to thrive in the sun-drenched shallows, highlights the intricate adaptations that unfold within the ocean's ecosystems, showcasing nature's ingenuity.

This is one of the most surprising things you didn’t know about the ocean!

14. Earth's Biggest Mountain Range is the Ocean 

Concealed beneath the ocean's surface lies a hidden marvel—the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, Earth's most extensive mountain range, stretching an astonishing 40,390 miles. 

This submerged mountainous expanse, a testament to the ocean's geological intricacies, serves as a reminder that beneath the waves, a world of topographical wonders awaits exploration, challenging our perceptions of the ocean's depths.

This is one of the most ground breaking things you didn’t know about the ocean!

15. The Ocean Can Be Loud!

Amidst the vastness of the ocean's sonic landscape, an iceberg made its mark in 1997 with the loudest recorded noise aptly named "The Bloop," echoing through the expansive underwater expanse from more than 3,000 miles away. 

This intriguing acoustic phenomenon, a product of natural processes within the ocean, adds a layer of mystery to the depths, where sound becomes a means of communication and revelation. Us surfers know the some of the biggest waves in the world can create a truly awesome crashing sound that somehow is very relaxing!

This is one of the most obvious things you didn’t know about the ocean!

16. You Can Safely Sip on Ocean Ice

Venture into the frozen realms of the ocean, and you'll discover a unique facet—ocean ice is not just frozen water but a dynamic entity that can transform into a sippable beverage after releasing its salty brine. 

This unexpected aspect of ocean ice, a fusion of the frozen and the liquid, offers a refreshing perspective on the diverse states of matter within the ocean's frozen realms.

This is one of the most useful things you didn’t know about the ocean!

17. 90% of Volcanic Action Occurs in The Ocean.

Descending into the ocean's depths unveils a mesmerising display of nature's fireworks—approximately 90% of the Earth's volcanic activity unfolds beneath the waves. 

These underwater volcanoes, concealed from the surface, shape the oceanic landscape, creating seascapes of both destruction and creation, where molten forces meld with water to forge new geological wonders, contributing to the ever-evolving nature of the ocean floor.

18. The Ocean Floor Has 3 Million Shipwrecks.

The ocean floor, often portrayed as a silent abyss, transforms into a vast museum housing an estimated 3 million shipwrecks, each submerged relic holding untold stories of maritime adventures. 

These shipwrecks, frozen in time beneath the waves, serve as historical time capsules, enriching the ocean's depths with a tangible record of human endeavours, from the age of exploration to modern maritime history.

This is one of the most sad things you didn’t know about the ocean!

19. The Most Historical Treasures are Underwater

Beneath the ocean's surface lies a treasure trove of historical artefacts, exceeding the collective holdings of all the world's museums combined. 

This underwater repository, holding the remnants of ancient civilisations, sunken cities, and maritime heritage, turns the ocean floor into a hidden archive of human history, awaiting exploration to unveil the secrets of our past.

This is one of the most exciting things you didn’t know about the ocean!

20. You Can Spot The Great Barrier Reef From The Moon

Casting its grandeur beyond terrestrial bounds, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia emerges as a colossal spectacle visible even from space. 

This living marvel, composed of intricate coral formations, vibrant marine life, and pristine waters, stands as a testament to the ocean's artistic prowess, creating breathtaking wonders that transcend earthly dimensions and captivate the imagination of those who gaze upon it from the cosmic vantage point.

More Fun Facts About The Ocean

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Summing It Up: What To Do Now

Congratulations! Now you are more informed on the mysteries of our oceans. However, I can assure you there is still plenty things you didn't know about the ocean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ocean help us breathe, and what's its role in making oxygen?

The ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen through a process called photosynthesis by marine plants, especially tiny ones called phytoplankton. It's a crucial part of keeping our air breathable!

What are the strange sounds in the ocean?

The ocean is like an underwater concert hall with clicks, whistles, and songs from marine animals. Whales, dolphins, and other creatures use these sounds to talk to each other and find their way around.

How much of the ocean is unexplored?

Approximately 80% of the ocean remains unexplored, leaving vast underwater realms yet to be discovered and studied by scientists.

Can the ocean control our weather?

Yep, the ocean plays a big part in regulating Earth's climate. Ocean currents act like giant movers, spreading warmth around and influencing how the weather behaves.

How does the ocean effect our weather?

The ocean is a weather player. Things like El Niño and La Niña, caused by changes in sea temperatures, can mess with global weather patterns, making things hot or cold in unexpected places.

Interesting wild creatures hiding in the deep ocean?

Deep-sea exploration uncovered some bizarre animals like the anglerfish. It's got a glowing lure to attract prey in the dark depths of the ocean—super cool and a bit creepy!

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