Where To Stay In Rabat: Morocco Surf Guide

Where to stay in Rabat is always top of the list for any surfers heading down the Moroccan coast.

Rabat has a variety of accommodation to stay at from hostels to luxury hotel for the perfect Moroccan surf trip!

Let's get into where to stay in Rabat and how to lock down these stunning accommodations.

Where To Stay in Rabat

Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, is a vibrant destination that offers a plethora of accommodation options for travellers seeking an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer luxury hotels with stunning views of the ocean or cosy riads tucked away in the winding streets of the medina, Rabat has something to suit every taste and budget.

For those looking for a touch of elegance and indulgence during their stay in Rabat, there are several luxurious hotels that offer world-class amenities and impeccable service. The Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses is one such option. Situated amidst lush gardens, this five-star hotel boasts spacious rooms with elegant decor, private balconies overlooking the pool or garden, and luxurious bathrooms fitted with marble accents. Guests can also enjoy access to a fitness center, spa facilities offering rejuvenating treatments, and multiple on-site restaurants serving delectable Moroccan cuisine.

With its serene atmosphere and exceptional attention to detail, staying at Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses promises an extraordinary experience.

Where To Stay In Rabat: Luxury Hotels

Experience the heights of luxury and sophistication at Rabat's finest hotels. These opulent accommodations offer an unparalleled level of comfort, style, and service that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in elegance as you step into spacious rooms adorned with exquisite furnishings and tasteful decor. Indulge in a range of world-class amenities including spa facilities, gourmet restaurants serving delectable cuisine, state-of-the-art fitness centres, and stunning rooftop pools offering breathtaking views of the cityscape.

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or simply want to treat yourself to a lavish experience, these luxury hotels are sure to exceed your every expectation. Make sure you double check which travel forms you need to enter Morocco with ease!

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels in Rabat offer a truly unique and enchanting experience for travellers seeking charm and authenticity. These intimate accommodations are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is infused with elegance and character. From the moment you step into the beautifully decorated lobby, you will be transported to a world of luxury and sophistication.

One of the standout features of boutique hotels in Rabat is their commitment to preserving local culture and heritage. Many of these establishments are housed in historic buildings, such as traditional riads or renovated palaces, which add an extra layer of authenticity to your stay. The décor reflects Moroccan craftsmanship at its finest, with intricate tilework, hand-carved wooden furniture, and vibrant textiles adorning each room. Every corner tells a story, immersing guests in the rich cultural tapestry that defines Morocco.

In addition to their captivating aesthetics, boutique hotels also provide personalised service that goes above and beyond expectations. The staff members take pride in creating memorable experiences for guests by offering insider tips on exploring Rabat's hidden gems or arranging bespoke excursions tailored to individual interests. Whether it's enjoying a private cooking class where you can learn how to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes or indulging in a relaxing spa treatment using locally sourced ingredients like argan oil or rosewater.

When choosing a boutique hotel in Rabat, keep in mind that they often have limited availability due to their small size. It’s advisable therefore recommended booking well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. While some may consider them more expensive than larger chain hotels, the level of quality service they offer makes it worth every penny. Their quaint atmosphere provides an ideal backdrop for couples looking for romantic getaways, art enthusiasts wanting immersive experiences, or even solo travellers craving tranquillity amidst bustling city life.

To fully immerse yourself into authentic Moroccan hospitality, consider staying at one of the boutique hotels in Rabat. Their unique charm, attention to detail, and commitment to preserving local culture will ensure a truly unforgettable experience for your visit to this enchanting city.

Where To Stay In Rabat: Budget Hotels

Looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation in Rabat? Look no further than the budget hotels scattered throughout the city.

These options provide a great value for your money, ensuring that you can enjoy a pleasant stay without breaking the bank.

One such option is Hotel Majestic, located in the heart of Rabat. This cosy hotel offers clean and well-appointed rooms at reasonable prices. You can expect comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The friendly staff are always ready to assist with any queries or requests you may have during your stay.

With its convenient location near major attractions like Hassan Tower and Kasbah des Oudaias, Hotel Majestic is an ideal choice for budget-conscious travellers who want to be close to all the action.

Another excellent option is Riad Dar Soufa, a charming guesthouse tucked away in the Medina of Rabat. This traditional Moroccan riad offers a unique experience at an affordable price. Each room is beautifully decorated with intricate tiles and ornate furnishings, creating a cozy atmosphere that transports you back in time. The riad also features a lovely courtyard where guests can relax amidst lush greenery and enjoy delicious meals prepared by talented chefs using fresh local ingredients.

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Recommended Where To Stay in Rabat

AccommodationLocationPrice Range (per night)Rating (out of 5)Amenities
Riad ZyoMedina$50 - $1004.5Free Wi-Fi, Rooftop Terrace, Breakfast Included
Dar MayssaneKasbah$80 - $1504.7Swimming Pool, Garden, Restaurant
Villa MandarineSouissi$120 - $2004.8Spa, Tennis Court, On-site Parking
Riad KalaaMedina$60 - $1204.2Courtyard, Moroccan Hammam, Airport Shuttle
Dar El KebiraOudayas$90 - $1604.6Sea View, Traditional Decor, Complimentary Tea
Riad LaaroussaMedina$70 - $1304.9Moroccan Cooking Classes, Hammam, Library
Hotel Le DiwanHassan$100 - $1804.3Fitness Center, Business Facilities, Restaurant
Dar El MedinaMedina$80 - $1404.4Central Location, Courtyard, Authentic Moroccan Design

Where To Stay In Rabat: Riad Guesthouses

Riad guesthouses are an excellent option for travellers who want to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture. These traditional accommodations offer a unique and authentic experience, combining the comforts of modern amenities with the charm of local architecture and design. Riads are typically located in the heart of Rabat's old medina, providing convenient access to historical sites, bustling markets, and vibrant street life.

Stepping into a riad is like entering a hidden oasis within the city. The central courtyard, adorned with beautiful tiles and lush greenery, serves as a tranquil retreat where guests can relax after exploring the lively streets outside. Many riads also feature rooftop terraces offering panoramic views of Rabat's skyline or even glimpses of the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

The rooms in riad guesthouses are often individually decorated with intricate Moroccan patterns and furnishings that reflect the country's rich cultural heritage. Guests can expect comfortable beds draped in colourful fabrics, ornate lamps casting soft lighting on intricately carved wooden furniture, and private bathrooms equipped with modern facilities.

In addition to their charming aesthetics, riads provide warm hospitality that allows visitors to truly connect with local traditions and customs. The owners or staff members usually go out of their way to create a welcoming atmosphere by offering personalised service tailored to each guest's needs.

They may arrange activities such as cooking classes or guided tours through Rabat's hidden gems.While staying at a riad guesthouse offers an unforgettable cultural experience, it is important for potential guests to consider certain factors before making their reservation. Due to their location within historic buildings, some riads may not have elevators or wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, the limited number of rooms available means that early booking is recommended during peak travel seasons. However, for those seeking an authentic taste of Morocco, riad guesthouses provide an ideal accommodation choice

Where To Stay In Rabat: Hostels

Hostels in Rabat are an excellent option for budget-conscious travellers who want to socialise and save. These lively establishments offer dormitory-style accommodations at affordable prices, making them perfect for solo adventurers or groups of friends on a tight budget. With shared common areas such as lounges, kitchens, and communal bathrooms, hostels provide ample opportunities to meet fellow travellers from around the world. The vibrant atmosphere encourages interaction and fosters a sense of community among guests. Many hostels also organise social events like city tours, pub crawls, and cultural activities that allow visitors to explore Rabat together while saving money on guided tours. If you're looking for an inexpensive accommodation option that offers a chance to make new friends and create lasting memories without breaking the bank, staying in one of Rabat's hostels is definitely worth considering.

As for specific hostel recommendations in Rabat, Backpacker's Paradise is a popular choice among budget travellers. Located in the heart of the medina (old town), this cosy hostel offers comfortable rooms with bunk beds and basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi access and lockers to keep your belongings secure. The friendly staff organises regular movie nights and game sessions where guests can relax after a day of exploring the city.

Another great option is Riad Marhaba Hostel & Lounge which combines traditional Moroccan architecture with modern facilities. Situated near Hassan Tower and within walking distance of many attractions including Kasbah des Oudaias (Oudaya Fortress) it provides easy access to all major sights in Rabat.

Lastly, if you're travelling with a group of friends or family and prefer the comfort and privacy of your own space while still enjoying the social atmosphere that hostels provide then consider booking a private room at one of Rabat's many hostel options. This way you can have the best of both worlds, affordability and companionship combined with peace and quiet when desired.

Overall, whether you're looking to meet new people from all walks of life or hoping to save some money on accommodation without compromising on experiences, staying in one of Rabat's hostels is an excellent choice. From dormitory-style rooms for solo travellers to private suites for groups or families, there are plenty of options available to suit every budget and preference. So go ahead and book your stay at a hostel in Rabat today, it'll be an unforgettable experience!

Where To Stay In Rabat: Airbnbs

Airbnb's in Rabat offer a unique and personalised experience for travellers looking to feel at home while exploring the city. With a wide range of options available, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you prefer a cosy apartment in the heart of the Medina or a spacious villa with stunning ocean views, Airbnb has it all.

One popular choice among visitors is the traditional riads that can be found throughout Rabat's old town. These beautifully restored houses feature intricately decorated interiors, serene courtyards, and rooftop terraces where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Staying in a riad allows you to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and hospitality, with many hosts offering delicious homemade meals and local recommendations for exploring Rabat.

For those seeking more modern accommodations, there are also plenty of stylish apartments available on Airbnb. These fully furnished spaces provide all the comforts of home, including well-equipped kitchens, comfortable living areas, and often amenities like Wi-Fi access and air conditioning. Many apartments are conveniently located near popular attractions such as Hassan Tower or Kasbah des Oudaias.

Regardless of which Airbnb option you choose in Rabat, one thing is certain: your stay will be characterised by warmth and authenticity that hotel chains simply cannot replicate as seen in Taghazout.

Top Attractions To Visit In Rabat

  1. Kasbah of the Udayas (Kasbah des Oudaias): Explore this historic fortress overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, known for its blue and white architecture, charming streets, and scenic views.
  2. Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V: Visit these iconic landmarks to admire the stunning architecture and pay respects to Morocco's royal history.
  3. Chellah (Sala Colonia): Wander through the ancient Roman and medieval ruins, including picturesque gardens and historic tombs, for a unique blend of history and nature.
  4. Royal Palace (Dar al-Makhzen): While you can't enter the palace itself, the impressive gate and surrounding area are worth a visit for their architectural beauty.
  5. Andalusian Gardens: Enjoy a peaceful stroll through these lush gardens filled with exotic plants, fountains, and traditional Moroccan tilework.
  6. Rabat Beaches: Relax on the city's beautiful beaches, such as Plage de Rabat and Plage des Nations, where you can swim, sunbathe, or take a leisurely walk along the shoreline.
  7. Medina of Rabat: Immerse yourself in the city's bustling old town, where you can shop for souvenirs, sample Moroccan street food, and experience the vibrant local culture.
  8. Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the impressive collection of contemporary Moroccan and international art in this modern museum.
  9. National Archaeology Museum: Discover Morocco's rich archaeological heritage through a wide range of artifacts and exhibits showcasing its history and culture.
  10. Rabat Zoo (Jardin Zoologique de Rabat): If you're traveling with family, the zoo offers a chance to see a variety of animals in a well-maintained setting, making it a great option for a day out.
where to stay in Rabat

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top accommodation options in Rabat, Morocco?

The top accommodation options in Rabat, Morocco include luxury hotels such as the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses and the Villa Mandarine, as well as boutique hotels like Riad Kalaa and Riad Dar El Kebira. There are also budget-friendly options like guesthouses and hostels available for travelers on a tighter budget.

Are there any luxury resorts or boutique hotels in Rabat?

Yes, there are several luxury resorts and boutique hotels in Rabat. These accommodations offer top-notch amenities, personalised service, and a unique atmosphere that will make your stay in Rabat truly unforgettable.

Are there any unique and culturally immersive accommodation options in Rabat?

Yes, there are several unique and culturally immersive accommodation options in Rabat. One such option is Riad Kalaa, a traditional Moroccan riad that offers a truly authentic experience with its beautiful architecture, intricate tilework, and serene courtyard. Another option is Dar Mayssane, a charming guesthouse located in the heart of the medina, where guests can immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy the warm hospitality of the staff.

What are some budget-friendly hotels in Rabat?

If you're looking for budget-friendly hotels in Rabat, there are several options to consider. The Hotel Bouregreg is a great choice, offering comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Another option is the Hotel Central, which provides basic amenities and a convenient location in the city center. For a more unique experience, you can also check out the Riad Dar El Kebira, a traditional Moroccan guesthouse with budget-friendly rates.

Which accommodations offer stunning views of the city or the ocean?

If you're looking for accommodations with stunning views of the city or the ocean, I highly recommend checking out the luxury hotels and resorts located along the Rabat coastline. These establishments offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city's skyline, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of Rabat from the comfort of their rooms or private balconies. Some popular options include the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses, Hotel La Tour Hassan Palace, and The View Hotel.

What are some family-friendly accommodations in Rabat?

For families visiting Rabat, there are several family-friendly accommodations to choose from. Some options include the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses, which offers spacious rooms and a beautiful garden for children to explore, and the Riad Kalaa, a traditional Moroccan guesthouse with family rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Both of these options provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for families traveling with children.

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