The 5 Best Surf Gloves In 2024!

As a winter surfer, purchasing the best surf gloves is vital to ensure your surf session isn't cut short due to cold hands!

The best surf gloves on the market currently is always up for debate, therefore we have created our list of the best surf gloves in 2024 for you to chose from!

What Are The Best Surf Gloves?

No matter what surf accessory purchase you make, from sunglasses to surf watches it's essential that you ensure it's the best equipment on the market!

Best Surf Gloves
best surf gloves

1) Pawhits 3mm Surf Gloves

Ensure optimal warmth on your surf adventures with these Pawhit surf gloves. Made from high-quality neoprene and nylon, these 3mm gloves offer exceptional thermal insulation and durability. The anti-slip palm design and flexible fit make them suitable for paddling onto waves, while also being used for other water activities. Plus, with a 30-day money-back guarantee it's a great purchase! Get ready to protect your hands and enhance your performance in the water with these reliable surf gloves.

Product Pros

  • 3mm
  • Anti Slip Design
  • Great Warranty

Product Cons

  • For Colder Conditions We Recommend 5mm
Second Best Surf Gloves
best surf gloves

2) Slyzone 3mm Surf Gloves

Experience ultimate comfort and warmth with the 3mm SCR Neoprene surf gloves. Crafted from elastic material, they provide a perfect fit for your palm, ensuring convenience in every wave. The anti-slip design on the palm offers enhanced protection, while the glued and blind stitched seams ensure durability and flexibility. These are a perfect fit for any water sport activity including surfing.

Product Pros

  • Very Elastic
  • Glued Seams
  • Lots Of Movement

Product Cons

  • For Colder Conditions We Recommend 5mm
Best Surf Gloves For Summer
best surf gloves

3) Oursunshine 3mm Surf Gloves

Experience warmth and protection in the water with these 3mm neoprene wetsuit gloves. Designed to keep you warm and shield your hands from sharp objects, they are perfect for swimming and paddling in cold water. The comfortable, anti-slip design with high stretch and textured grip ensures a flexible and confident fit during surfing. With a velcro elastic wrist closure for a secure fit and durable construction, these gloves are suitable for various activities such as surfing, diving or swimming.

Product Pros

  • Velcro Elastic Wrist
  • Textured Grip
  • Padded

Product Cons

  • For Colder Conditions We Recommend 5mm
Warmest Surf Gloves
best surf gloves

4) Two Bare Feet 5mm Surf Gloves

These are for the winter warriors entering ice cold waters! Enhance your winter surfs with these essential neoprene gloves. Perfect for surfing, diving, canoeing, kayaking, and more, they are the ideal accessory for any water enthusiast. With their 5mm neoprene construction, these gloves provide excellent insulation, keeping your hands warm and preventing numbness in cold water.

Product Pros

  • Very Warm
  • Snug Fit
  • Added Padding

Product Cons

  • Movement Reduced Due To Thickness
Best Surf Gloves For Comfort
best surf gloves

5) Qkurt 3mm Surf Gloves

Stay comfortable and warm in the water with these 3mm soft and flexible neoprene gloves. They effectively reduce the loss of hand temperature, keeping you cosy during your water activities. Designed to protect your hands from various hazards and built with superior strength and durability, these gloves are the perfect long-term partner for surfers. Remember, these gloves prioritise warmth over dryness, making them ideal for aquatic adventures.

Product Pros

  • Long Lasting
  • Retain Warmth
  • Added Grip

Product Cons

  • For Colder Conditions We Recommend 5mm

Guide To Buying The Best Surf Gloves

In conquering the winter waves, selecting the best surf gloves is paramount. Our comprehensive guide focuses on the key factors to help you find the absolute best surf gloves for your next cold-water adventure.

Thickness Matters for the Best Surf Gloves

When it comes to the best surf gloves, thickness is a critical factor. Measured in millimetres (mm), the thickness determines insulation and warmth levels. Thicker gloves, though potentially restricting movement, offer superior insulation perfect for the best surf gloves during extended sessions out on the waves. Conversely, thinner gloves provide enhanced flexibility, ensuring the best surf gloves balance manoeuvrability with warmth.

Material of The Best Surf Gloves

For the best surf gloves, neoprene is the unbeatable choice. Its exceptional insulation properties keep you warm even when wet. Opt for gloves crafted from the best-quality neoprene to guarantee durability, flexibility, and an excellent grip on your surfboard. Make the best surf gloves your reliable companion for countless winters with this top-notch material.

Fit and Design for the Best Surf Gloves

A well-fitted surf glove is crucial for the best surf gloves' optimal performance. Look for gloves that effortlessly mould to the shape of your hand, providing a snug and comfortable fit, the hallmark of the best surf gloves. This ensures comfortable paddling and prevents water from infiltrating, keeping your hands warm. Consider gloves with adjustable wrist closures or velcro straps for a secure fit, minimising flushing for the best surf gloves experience.

Surf Glove Grip and Durability

Adequate grip is pivotal for maintaining control and manoeuvrability on the surfboard, making it a key feature for the best surf gloves. Seek gloves with textured palm areas or reinforced grip zones for enhanced traction, reducing the risk of slipping. Reinforced stitching and additional layers of material in high-wear areas contribute to the durability and longevity of the best surf gloves, essential for withstanding the demanding conditions of winter surfing.

Water Resistance

While the best surf gloves aren't entirely waterproof, selecting gloves with superior water resistance is crucial. This feature minimises water entry, keeping your hands warmer for more extended periods the defining characteristic of the best surf gloves. Look for gloves with sealed seams or liquid-taped seams, providing unmatched water resistance and effectively preventing excessive flushing.

Do You Really Need Surf Gloves?

Surf gloves are more than just a fashion accessory; they serve a crucial purpose in keeping your hands protected and warm during cold-water surfing. The chilly temperatures of the ocean, especially during winter, can be harsh on your hands. Surf gloves provide insulation, shielding your hands from the biting cold and wind chill. Additionally, they offer a better grip on your surfboard, enhancing control and preventing slips. If you plan on tackling cold waves or extending your surf sessions into the colder months, investing in a pair of quality surf gloves is a wise decision to ensure both comfort and safety.

What Kind of Surf Gloves Do I Need?

Choosing the right kind of surf gloves depends on various factors, primarily the conditions in which you'll be surfing. For colder water temperatures, opt for gloves with sufficient thickness (measured in millimetres) to provide adequate insulation. Neoprene material is a popular and effective choice for its insulation properties and durability.

Consider the fit, snug yet comfortable ensuring flexibility for paddling without compromising warmth. If you're a winter surfer, prioritise gloves with sealed or liquid-taped seams for better water resistance. Textured palms or reinforced grip zones contribute to better traction and control. Tailoring your choice to your specific surfing conditions ensures you get the most out of your surf gloves.

Types of Surf Gloves

There are two types of surf gloves from the 5 finger gloves most commonly used by surfers, all the way down to the mittens for taking on icy conditions!

5 Finger Surf Gloves

The 5-finger surf gloves are the most common type, resembling regular gloves with individual slots for each finger. These gloves provide dexterity and flexibility, allowing for precise control while surfing. They are suitable for a variety of surfing conditions and are a popular choice for surfers who prioritise hand movement and functionality.


Mitten-style surf gloves have a design where all the fingers are enclosed in a single compartment. While they may sacrifice some finger independence, they offer enhanced warmth by keeping fingers close together, minimising heat loss. Mittens are an excellent choice for extremely cold conditions when maintaining overall hand warmth is crucial.

best surf gloves

How to Put On Surf Gloves

Putting on surf gloves may seem straightforward, but doing it correctly ensures comfort and effectiveness. Start by turning the gloves inside out. Insert your fingers and slowly roll the gloves back over your hand, ensuring each finger is in its designated slot.

Make sure the glove fits snugly without being too tight, allowing for flexibility and proper circulation. Ensure that the wrist closure is secure to prevent water from entering. Taking the time to put on your surf gloves properly ensures a comfortable and effective surfing experience.

How to Dry Surf Gloves

Drying surf gloves properly is essential to prevent unpleasant odours and prolong their lifespan. After each use, rinse the gloves with fresh water to remove salt and sand. Turn them inside out and let them air dry in a shaded, well-ventilated area.

Avoid direct sunlight, as it may damage the neoprene material. Ensure the gloves are completely dry before storing them to prevent mould or mildew growth. Occasionally, use a mild soap to clean the interior, maintaining hygiene. Proper drying and care contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of your surf gloves, ensuring they are ready for your next surfing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are surf gloves typically made from?

Surf gloves are commonly made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that is insulating, flexible, and water-resistant. Some gloves also feature reinforced palms and fingers for added durability.

Can I use regular gloves for surfing?

Regular gloves are not ideal for surfing as they are often not designed for water sports. They may not provide the necessary grip, insulation, or protection required for surfing. It's recommended to invest in purpose-built surf gloves for optimal performance.

Can I use my surf gloves for other water sport activities?

Yes, surf gloves can be used for various water activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. They provide similar benefits in terms of insulation, grip, and protection for your hands.

Should I consider the thickness of the gloves?

Yes, the thickness of surf gloves is an important factor to consider. Thicker gloves offer more insulation but may sacrifice dexterity, while thinner gloves provide better flexibility and grip but offer less warmth. Choose the thickness based on the water temperature and your personal preference.

How to care for my surf gloves?

After each use, rinse your surf gloves with fresh water to remove salt and sand. Allow them to air dry in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid folding or crumpling them excessively, as it may damage the neoprene. Following the manufacturer's care instructions is recommended.

What are surf gloves used for?

Surf gloves are used to protect your hands from the cold water, rough surfaces like rocks, and potential hazards while surfing. They provide insulation, improve grip, and reduce the risk of blisters and cuts.

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