Best Surf Watches of 2024

When your out surfing telling the time can be challeneg which is why many surfers wear specialised surf watches that can withstand multiple wipeouts and submersions.

Ensuring you purchase one of the top surf watches on the market is vital. Therefore, we have created a list of the best surf watches available in 2024!

What Are The Best Surf Watches?

No matter what surf accessory purchase you make, from surf gloves to surf hoods it's essential that you ensure it's the best equipment on the market!

Best Surf Watch
Casio Surf Watch

1) Casio G-Shock Surf Watch

Embrace the waves in style with the Casio G-Shock G-Lide Teal Resin Surf Watch. This 46mm watch is expertly crafted from durable resin and stainless steel, ensuring it can handle the shocks of underwater adventures. The teal polyurethane band not only adds a pop of color but also features cleverly designed slits near 6 o'clock, enhancing comfort by allowing water and sweat to drain easily. With its iconic toughness and vibrant design, this G-Lide Surf Watch is your perfect companion for catching the best waves with ease and flair.

Product Pros

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Bluetooth
  • Very Durable
  • Great Value

Product Cons

  • Small Buttons
Second Best Surf Watch
Garmin surf watch

2) Garmin Solar Surf Watch

Introducing the Instinct Solar Surf watch, designed specifically for surfers seeking performance and durability. This rugged GPS watch features extended battery life through solar charging and is water-rated to 100 metres, built to withstand challenging environments. With advanced features like all-day health monitoring, Pulse Ox, and surf activity tracking, it helps you understand your body and optimise your surf sessions. Stay connected with built-in navigation systems and access tide data to keep up with ocean conditions. A dream watch!

Product Pros

  • Water Proof 100 Metres
  • Long Solar Battery Life
  • Monitors Health

Product Cons

  • None!
Comfiest Surf Watch
civo surf watch

3) CIVO Digital Sports Watch

This watch offers a simple and classic design complementing any outfit and occasion, adding style to your life effortlessly. With features like water resistance, LCD display, alarm, and chronograph, it is a multifunctional watch for daily surf use. The watch is made with quality materials, including a durable silicon strap. It comes with a bonus microfiber cloth for cleaning and is backed by a 12-month warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a worry-free purchase experience.

Product Pros

  • Large Face
  • 90 Day Money Back
  • Very Durable

Product Cons

  • Can Be Bulky Paddling For Some
Highest Tech Surf Watch
garmin surf watch

4) Garmin Fenix 6x Pro

The rugged and stylish Garmin fēnix 6X is a performance-oriented smartwatch with a large sunlight-readable display and a stainless steel bezel. It offers enhanced wrist heart rate monitoring and Pulse Ox to track blood oxygen saturation and support advanced sleep monitoring. With preloaded maps, multiple GPS support, and built-in sensors, it's perfect for surfing. Additional features include Garmin Pay for contactless payments, music storage, smart notifications, and more.

Product Pros

  • Waterproof 100m
  • Contactless Payments
  • Measures Heart Rate & Pulse

Product Cons

  • Can Be Bulky For Some
Lightest Surf Watch
vdsow surf watch

5) VDSOW Digital Sports Watch

The multi-purpose sport watch is perfect for various sports and daily activities, featuring shock resistance, a stopwatch, military 24H time mode, and an LED backlight. It is also equipped with essential functions such as a calendar, alarm, water resistance, and a clear LED display. With a water resistance of 164FT/50M, this watch is suitable for showering, swimming, and shallow duck dives. However, it is important to note that the watch should not be operated underwater for an extended period of time.

Product Pros

  • Waterproof 50m
  • LED Light
  • Lightweight For Paddling

Product Cons

  • Waterproof Feature Can Be Tested In Very Big Swell

Purpose of a Surf Watch 

A surf watch is more than just a stylish accessory; it's a crucial tool for surfers to enhance their wave-riding experience. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, a surf watch serves as a reliable timekeeper while providing features specific to surfing. These may include tide and swell tracking, ensuring surfers catch the best waves at the optimal time. 

Additionally, features like water resistance and shock resistance make surf watches resilient companions in the challenging aquatic environment. 

Ultimately, the purpose of a surf watch is to equip surfers with essential information and durability, enhancing their performance and enjoyment in the water.

Why You Need The Best Surf Watches On The Market?

“Investing in the best surf watches on the market is a game-changer for any surfer”

These watches go beyond simple timekeeping, offering features specifically tailored to enhance your surfing experience. From tracking tides and swells to ensuring durability in challenging water conditions, the best surf watches provide essential tools for surfers to catch the perfect wave at the right time. With advanced functionalities, these watches become indispensable companions, elevating your surf sessions to a whole new level.

Different Types of Surf Watches 

It's important to note that the best surf watches fit fro you may be different to the next person. This is mainly due to the variety of surf watches on the market with various features.

GPS Surf Watches

GPS surf watches are a surfer's navigation companion. They provide accurate location data, track your surf sessions, and help analyse your performance. With real-time information, GPS watches enable surfers to explore new spots and maximise their time in the water.

Analog Surf Watches

Classic yet functional, analog surf watches offer a timeless design with essential surf-related features. They often include tide indicators and basic chronograph functions, providing a traditional aesthetic without compromising on functionality.

Smart Surf Watches

Smart surf watches integrate technology into the surfing experience. They connect to smartphones, allowing surfers to receive notifications, track surf conditions, and even share their sessions on social media. Smart surf watches bring the power of connectivity to the waves.

Tide Surf Watches

Tide surf watches are specifically designed to track tide patterns, a vital aspect of surfing. Equipped with tide graphs and charts, these watches help surfers anticipate the best times to catch the waves, ensuring an optimal and well-timed surfing experience.

Surf Watch Buyer's Guide

Surf watches are essential tools for surfers, providing valuable features to enhance your surfing experience. When choosing the right surf watch, consider the following factors:

Water Resistance

Ensure the watch has sufficient water resistance for surfing conditions. A minimum of 100 metres is recommended to withstand the rigours of waves and ensure the watch remains functional underwater.

Surf Watch Durability

Look for watches made from durable materials such as stainless steel, reinforced resins, and scratch-resistant glass. Robust construction is crucial for longevity in the challenging surf environment.

Surf Watch Tide Tracking

Opt for a watch with tide tracking features. Tide graphs and charts help surfers anticipate wave conditions, ensuring you catch the best waves at the right time.

GPS Functionality

Consider a GPS-enabled surf watch for accurate location tracking, session mapping, and performance analysis. GPS features provide valuable insights into your surf sessions.

Shock Resistance

Choose a watch with shock-resistant technology to withstand the impact of powerful waves. This ensures the watch remains functional and intact during active surf sessions.

Comfort and Fit

Pay attention to the band material and design for comfort during extended wear. Adjustable bands and innovative designs, like slits for water drainage, enhance comfort during surf sessions.


Opt for watches with high-contrast displays and backlit features for optimal visibility in varying light conditions. Clear visibility is crucial when checking the time or monitoring surf-related data.

Battery Life

Consider the battery life of the watch, especially if it includes power-intensive features like GPS. A longer battery life ensures the watch remains functional throughout extended surf sessions.

Brand Reputation

Choose reputable brands known for quality and durability. Established surf watch brands often incorporate advanced technologies and undergo rigorous testing to meet the demands of surfers.

Price vs Features

Assess your budget against the features you need. While high-end models offer advanced functionalities, there are budget-friendly options that still provide essential surf-related features.

Longevity of Surf Watches

The longevity of surf watches is a result of their robust construction and specialised features. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and durable resins contribute to the watch's resilience against the harsh conditions of saltwater and UV exposure. Advanced water-resistant and shock-resistant technologies ensure that surf watches withstand the pounding waves and occasional impacts.

Regular maintenance, including rinsing the watch with fresh water after each surf session, contributes to its longevity. Additionally, the integration of scratch-resistant materials and reinforced casings enhances the watch's ability to endure the wear and tear associated with an active surfing lifestyle. With proper care and quality craftsmanship, surf watches are built to accompany surfers through countless sessions, making them reliable companions for the long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a surf watch?

When buying a surf watch, look for features such as water resistance, tide and swell data, GPS functionality, activity tracking, and durability to withstand the demands of surfing.

Is it safe to wear a watch in salt water?

Yes, surf watches are designed to withstand exposure to saltwater. Look for watches made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or titanium to ensure longevity and durability in saltwater environments.

Can surf watches track your surfing performance?

Some surf watches offer activity tracking features that can monitor your surf sessions, including wave count, duration, and even speed. These features can provide valuable insights into your surfing performance.

How water resistant should your watch be?

A surf watch should have a high level of water resistance to withstand the water pressures and activities associated with surfing. Look for watches with a minimum water resistance rating of 50-100 metres or more.

Can you wear surf watches for all sports?

Yes, many surf watches are designed for various water sports, including swimming, diving, and paddleboarding. Ensure that the watch you choose has the necessary features and water resistance for your specific water activities.

Are surf watches suitable for every day use?

Many surf watches are designed to transition seamlessly from water sports to everyday wear. Look for watches with versatile designs, comfortable straps, and features that cater to both active and casual lifestyles.

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