6 Best Wetsuit Hangers In 2024!

If you're surfing in cooler waters then you will be using a wetsuit, which means you need a top wetsuit hanger to hang and dry your wetsuit.

We have made finding the best wetsuit hanger easy by selecting the top hangers for your wetsuit in 2024!

Let’s get into it!

What Is The Best Wetsuit Hanger?

  1. No.1 Wetsuit Hanger: C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger
  2. Wetsuit Friendly Hanger: Surf Squared Wetsuit Hanger
  3. Lightest Hanger: Hang Pro Slider
  4. Heavy Duty Hanger: Toolila Heavy Duty Wetsuit Dryer
  5. Most Versatile: Poualaon Hanger
  6. Surfers Favourite: Ho Stevie Hanger

No matter what surf equipment you purchase, from surf hoods to wetsuit boots it's essential that it's inline with you're wave and surfboard type.

C Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

1) C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

C-monsta wetsuit hanger offers a versatile solution for drying your wetsuit, boots, and gloves in various locations with its adjustable strap and oversized hook. It is a practical and durable wetsuit hanger that prolongs the lifespan of your wetsuit kit, prevents stress around the neck, and reduces plastic waste with its high-quality recycled construction. Made in Scotland and packaged sustainably, C-monsta takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility are core to every product.

Product Pros

  • Travel Friendly
  • Great Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents Stretching

Product Cons

  • Can Only Hang 1 Wetsuit
Our Pick
wetsuit hanger

2) Surf Squared Wetsuit Hanger

The Surf Squared Wetsuit Hanger is a specialised accessory designed for hanging and maintaining wetsuits. It provides efficient wetsuit drying capabilities and is made from durable materials. This hanger is an essential tool for any surfer or water sports enthusiast.

Product Pros

  • Easily Packed
  • Trusted Brand
  • High Quality Design

Product Cons

  • Can Only Hang 1 Wetsuit
Lightest Hanger
wetsuit hanger
wetsuit hanger

3) Hang Pro Slider Wetsuit Hanger

The wetsuit hanger's open-end design simplifies hanging and positions the wetsuit at the waist for reduced shoulder wear and fabric stress, making it ideal for long-term storage. Crafted with high-strength, recycled ABS plastic, this well-crafted wetsuit hanger is proudly made in San Diego, California, USA.

Product Pros

  • Trusted Brand
  • Smart Design
  • Durable

Product Cons

  • Lightweight For Winter Suits
Heavy Duty Hanger
wetsuit hanger

4) Toolila Heavy Duty Wetsuit Hanger/Dryer

Introducing the world's first and only automated wetsuit washer and dryer, saving you time and energy by cleaning your wetsuit inside and out in just 30-60 seconds. Hang your wetsuit on the 90-degree spinning hook hanger near a water source, and its smart internal and external washing system will remove grime effortlessly. Made from recycled plastic for environmental sustainability, this durable hanger preserves your wetsuit lifespan, maintains its shape, and speeds up drying. It's a valuable, no-risk gift for water enthusiasts, simplifying diving and surfing maintenance.

Product Pros

  • Fast Drying
  • Full Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Very Durable

Product Cons

  • Only Fits 1 Wetsuit
Our Pick
wetsuit hanger

5) Poualaon Wetsuit Hanger

The Poualaon wetsuit hanger offers versatile drying options for your entire wetsuit kit, including boots and gloves, with its adjustable strap and robust, eco-friendly I-beam construction. By hanging your wetsuit from the waist, it prevents stress on the neck, extending the lifespan of your gear and reducing neoprene waste. Its folding design saves space and makes it a practical gift for anyone with a wetsuit, ensuring effective drying and easy organization of gear.

Product Pros

  • Transportable
  • Quick Drying
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight

Product Cons

  • Harder To Pack
Surfers Favourite
Ho Stevie Wetsuit Hanger
Ho Stevie Wetsuit Hanger

6) Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Hanger

This Ho Stevie wetsuit hanger offers fast drying with vented shoulder extensions, extending your wetsuit's lifespan by protecting it from UV sunlight. It's a heavy-duty polymer hanger suitable for any wetsuit or drysuit, foldable for travel convenience, and compatible with various styles of suits. Plus, Ho Stevie! provides a warranty, promising a refund or replacement if the hanger breaks.

Product Pros

  • Travel Friendly
  • Trusted Brand

Product Cons

  • Lightweight

Wetsuit Hangers Buyers Guide


When choosing a wetsuit hanger, prioritise material that offer durability and longevity. Look for materials such as sturdy plastic or corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel or aluminum. A hanger with reinforced construction will ensure it can withstand the weight of a wet wetsuit without bending or warping over time.


Consider purchasing wetsuit hangers that have design features that enhance functionality and ease of use. Look for hangers with wide shoulder profiles that mimic the natural shape of your wetsuit, preventing stretching or distortion. Additionally, features like non-slip grips or padded arms will help securely hold your wetsuit in place, preventing it from sliding off or getting damaged.

Effective Drying

Efficient drying is a key objective for your wetsuit hanger. Opt for hangers with open or ventilated designs that allow maximum airflow around the wetsuit, promoting quicker drying minimising the chances of mould. Some hangers may also have built-in drainage systems to collect excess water, preventing drips and mess.

Travel Friendly

For surfers constantly on the go, portability becomes a crucial factor. Look for collapsible or compact hangers that are easy to carry in your gear bag or vehicle. Foldable hangers or those with detachable components offer convenience while travelling, ensuring you have a reliable drying solution wherever your surfing adventures take you.

Multiple Purposes

Consider whether you would like a wetsuit hanger that can serve multiple purposes. Some hangers come with additional hooks or attachments to hang accessories like booties, gloves, or towels, allowing you to keep all your gear organised in one place.


To gain insights into the performance and durability of different wetsuit hangers, read user reviews and seek recommendations from fellow surfers or reputable online sources such as ourselves. Real-life experiences and feedback can provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

Should I Hang My Wetsuit on a Hanger?

It's generally not recommended to hang your wetsuit on a hanger. The weight of the wet neoprene material can cause stretching and distort the shape of your wetsuit over time. 

Instead, opt for drying your wetsuit flat or draping it over a wide, padded hanger to preserve its integrity. Hanging it by the waist can prevent unnecessary stress on the shoulders and maintain the wetsuit's form for prolonged use.

Should You Let Your Wetsuit Dry Inside Out?

While it's okay to turn your wetsuit inside out briefly for thorough drying, it's not advisable to leave it that way for an extended period. Turning it inside out aids in drying the interior, but prolonged exposure can lead to potential damage, especially to glued seams and printed logos. 

To maintain the wetsuit's overall durability and integrity, strike a balance by occasionally turning it inside out during the drying process but storing it right side out for regular use.

How Should I Dry My Wetsuit?

Drying your wetsuit properly is crucial for its longevity, but also as a surfer you need to know how to dry a wetsuit fast. After use, rinse it with freshwater to remove salt and sand. Gently squeeze out excess water without wringing it, then hang it up. Avoid direct sunlight and opt for shade or a well-ventilated area. 

To prevent stretching, use a wide, padded hanger, hanging the wetsuit by the waist. Ensure it dries completely before storing.

How to Store a Wetsuit

Proper storage is key to keeping your wetsuit in top condition. Once dry, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid folding or creasing, as this can damage the neoprene. Consider using a wetsuit bag or hanger to maintain its shape. Store it flat or draped over a wide hanger to prevent unnecessary stress on the shoulders.

How to Use a Wetsuit Hanger

A wetsuit hanger can be a game-changer for maintaining your gear. Use a wide, padded hanger to prevent stretching. Hang your wetsuit by the waist to maintain its shape and avoid stress on the shoulders. 

If your hanger has a vented design, it aids in air circulation for more effective drying. Proper use of a wetsuit hanger ensures your gear dries efficiently and is ready for your next surfing adventure.

Personal Experience of Using a Wetsuit Hanger

Switching to a wetsuit hanger not only ensured my wetsuits lasted longer, but also sped up the process of drying!

Surfing consecutive days means you need to dry your wetsuit ASAP! So instead of using a door frame to hang it over, a wetsuit hanger ensured the fit of my wetsuit didn't change as well draining it of moisture quickly!

Its a must for any surfer, especially if your on the move as hanging it off your van is a good trick!

To Conclude

Investing in a reliable wetsuit hanger is a small yet significant step towards prolonging the life of your wetsuit.

By considering factors such as material durability, functional design, proper drying capabilities, portability, versatility, and user feedback, you can select the perfect wetsuit hanger that meets your specific needs.

With the right wetsuit hanger, you can ensure your wetsuit remains dry and ready for your next surf session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hang up my wetsuit?

Hanging up your wetsuit promotes proper drying, preserves its shape, extends its lifespan, and ensures it is ready for your next surf or swim session.

Can you spin dry a wetsuit?

NO. Never place your wetsuit in a commercial dryer as this will damage your suit and there are other ways to dry it such as a wetsuit hanger.

How to rinse your wetsuit?

Rinse a wetsuit by filling a clean tub or using a hose to gently wash off saltwater, sand, and any debris. Use freshwater without any harsh chemicals or soaps. Turn the wetsuit inside out and thoroughly rinse both the outside and inside. Hang it to dry afterward.

How to dry a wetsuit overnight?

To dry a wetsuit overnight, hang it up in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in a room with good air circulation. Ensure it is hung evenly, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources, and allow sufficient time for it to air dry completely.

Where to store a wetsuit?

The best place to store a wetsuit is in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Hanging it on a wetsuit hanger or folding it neatly in a mesh bag are recommended storage methods to maintain its shape and prevent unnecessary creasing.

Should you hang your wetsuit inside or outside?

It is generally recommended to hang your wetsuit in a shaded, well-ventilated area outside to dry. This allows for better air circulation and prevents the wetsuit from being exposed to direct sunlight, which can degrade the neoprene material.

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