How To Put On Wetsuit Boots 101!

Knowing how to put on wetsuit boots correctly will massively impact your experience in the water!

If you put on wetsuit boots incorrectly it may lead to you losing balance on your surfboard and wiping out!

Let’s get into it!

How to Put on Wetsuit Boots Correctly

To put on wetsuit boots, ensure they are the correct size, slide your foot into each boot, and use a lubricant or water for easier entry, then pull up the boots to cover your ankles securely.

Step by Step How To Put on Wetsuit Boots

  1. Prepare the Boot 
  2. Insert Foot
  3. Shimmy In
  4. Adjust the Cuff
  5. Ensure Comfort 
  6. Integrate with Wetsuit
  7. Final Adjustments
  8. Ready for Water

This is the same for any boots including surf boots, dive boots or any other wetsuit shoe! 

How To Put On Wetsuit Boots For Beginners

For beginners, start by folding down the top of each wetsuit boot. Insert your foot, using fingers to assist, and gradually shimmy it in for a complete fit. Gently pull up the folded cuff, ensure a snug fit, and you're ready for water activities.

As a beginner it's worth knowing how to dry wetsuit boots as well, as this can prolong the longevity of your wetsuit boots so they are a lasting purchase!

Steps On How To Put on Wetsuit Boots

1. Prepare the Wetsuit Boot

Before attempting to put on your wetsuit boots, fold the top part of each boot down. This action ensures that the cuff is neatly folded over, making it easier to manage during the subsequent steps.

2. Insert Foot

Begin by inserting as much of your foot into the wetsuit boot as possible. This initial step helps in creating a foundation for the subsequent manoeuvres.

3. Use Fingers for Assistance:

To facilitate a smoother entry, use your fingers to pull the boot up. This manual assistance ensures that the material doesn't snag and that the boot gradually envelops your foot.

4. Shimmy Your Foot Into Wetsuit Boot

Continue the process by gently shimming your foot into the boot bit by bit. This gradual approach allows you to navigate any tight spots, ensuring that the entire foot is comfortably and securely positioned within the boot.

5. Adjust the Cuff

Once both feet are securely in their respective boots, gently pull up the folded cuff. This step not only secures the boots in place but also helps in creating a seal, preventing water from entering and ensuring a snug fit.

6. Ensure Comfort

Take a moment to assess the fit of the boots. Adjust them as needed to achieve a completely comfortable fit. The boots should be snug enough to prevent water infiltration but not overly tight, allowing for proper circulation and flexibility.

7. Integrate with Wetsuit

If you are wearing a wetsuit, integrate the wetsuit boots by pulling the wetsuit over the boots to avoid water leakage whilst increasing comfort and balance.

8. Final Adjustments

Perform any additional adjustments deemed necessary. Ensure that both the boots and the wetsuit are positioned correctly on your body, providing optimal comfort and functionality.

9. Ready for Water

With your wetsuit boots securely on, take a moment to ensure everything feels right. You are now fully prepared to enter the water, confident that your gear is properly set to enjoy a surf, dive or swim!

Amazing now you know how to put on wetsuit boots on you can repeat this every time you surf, it gets easier every time!

However, if your wetsuit boots are wet from the day before it may be more of a task in our experience!

Video On How To Put On Wetsuit Boots 

This video explaining how to put on wetsuit boots will add to our step by step guide ensuring you will have an enjoyable surfing experience. 

If you put the wetsuit boots on wrong for instance over the wetsuit they can fill up with water, which can be a surfers nightmare especially if you're peeing! Always wear your wetsuit boots under your wetsuit to guarantee the best surfing experience! 

Why Do Surfers Wear Wetsuit Boots?

Surfers wear wetsuit boots for several reasons. Firstly, they provide thermal insulation, keeping the feet warm in cold water temperatures. 

Additionally, wetsuit boots offer protection against sharp objects like rocks and coral, reducing the risk of injuries. 

Lastly, the boots enhance traction, offering surfers better grip on their boards, especially in challenging conditions, and contribute to an overall comfortable and safe surfing experience.

Summing It Up: What To Do Now

Okay! Now you know how to put on wetsuit boots you are ready to get out there! Make sure you have surf specific boots as this will massively improve balance!

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