Wetsuit Boots Over or Under Wetsuit?

Whether to wear wetsuit boots over or under wetsuit is a decision every surfer has to make!

Luckily it’s an easy one, you always put your wetsuit boots under (inside) your wetsuit!

Wetsuit Boots Over or Under Wetsuit?

Wetsuit boots are best worn under (inside) the wetsuit. This prevents your wetsuit boots filling up with water so you can continue surfing after wipeouts. 

Pulling the wetsuit over your boots serves many practical purposes. Leaving the wetsuit boots exposed can lead to faster water filling, affecting your surfing experience and feeling on the board.

Placing the surf boots under the wetsuit directs the potential water entry point downward, reducing the chance of water entering during wipeouts. Additionally, the non-skid material at the wetsuit leg's end prevents slipping, ensuring a tighter seal for enhanced comfort and performance while surfing. 

Placing wetsuit boots over or under is a personal choice, but the surfing world mostly opts for under.

Overall, putting wetsuit boots under (inside) your wetsuit provides a better seal and helps maintain optimal conditions during your surfing experience. 

Why Put Wetsuit Boots Over or Under Your Wetsuit?

Putting wetsuit boots over or under the wetsuit offers several advantages for surfers. One key benefit is the prevention of rapid water entry into the boots. 

When worn under the wetsuit, the potential entry point for water is facing downwards, reducing the risk of the boots filling up quickly. 

This is especially crucial during wipeouts, as it minimises the chance of losing the feeling for the board under your feet. 

Wetsuit Boots Over or Under Wetsuit: Socks

Deciding whether to wear wetsuit socks over or under the wetsuit depends on individual preferences and the specific demands of your water activity.

Opting to wear wetsuit socks under the wetsuit provides a streamlined appearance and minimises water entry, offering a snug fit. 

This configuration ensures that the potential water entry point is facing downward, reducing the likelihood of water filling up the socks, especially during submersion or wipeouts.

Consequences of Wetsuit Boots Over or Under Wetsuit

Wearing wetsuit boots over or under wetsuits may come with certain drawbacks that could impact your water experience. One significant concern is the increased risk of water entry. 

When the boots are worn over the wetsuit, the potential water entry points face upwards, making it easier for water to enter, especially during activities like surfing or diving. 

This can lead to discomfort, reduced insulation, and may affect your overall performance. Additionally, the exposed booties may fill up with water more quickly, impacting your ability to feel the board or surface beneath your feet.

Properly Fitting Wetsuit Boots Under Wetsuit

Achieving the right fit for wetsuit boots when worn under the wetsuit is crucial for a comfortable and effective water experience. Start by selecting the appropriate size based on the manufacturer's sizing chart, ensuring the boots provide a snug yet not overly tight fit. 

A proper fit ensures that the boots contribute to optimal insulation and protection without restricting movement or blood circulation, if you wear socks with your wetsuit boots then consider a size up!

Pay attention to the seal between the wetsuit and the boots, as a secure seal minimises water entry points, enhancing both comfort and performance in various water activities. 

Regularly check for proper fit and make adjustments as needed to maintain the effectiveness of the wetsuit boots.  

How Wetsuit Boots Work?

Wetsuit boots function by utilising neoprene, a specialised material that provides insulation and protection for the feet during water activities. 

Neoprene traps a thin layer of water against the skin, which the body then warms, creating an effective barrier against cold water. 

The boots are designed to fit snugly, preventing excessive water flow and maintaining the temperature within. Additionally, the construction of wetsuit boots includes durable soles for protection against sharp objects, enhancing overall safety during aquatic pursuits.

Advantages of a Properly Sealed Wetsuit Boots

Ensuring a proper seal with wetsuit boots offers numerous advantages. 

A secure seal minimises water entry, maintaining the insulating properties of the neoprene material. This not only keeps the feet warm but also enhances comfort during water activities. 

A properly sealed wetsuit boot provides a stable and supportive fit, reducing the risk of chafing or irritation. Moreover, the seal prevents the flushing of cold water, allowing the boots to effectively do their job of keeping the feet warm and protected in diverse aquatic environments.

Ensure you know how to put on your wetsuit boots correctly before trying!

Summing It Up: What To Do Now

Great! Now you can make an informed decision whether to wear your wetsuit boots over or under your wetsuit for your next surf!

Now ensure you know how to put wetsuit boots on correctly by watching this video to ensure a perfect fit while surfing!

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