Peru Surf Guide: Know Before You Go!

Peru Surf History

Peru's surfing legacy is said to go back as far as 4,000 years with the original surfing taking place on boards made of reeds (Caballitos De Totora). Today, you have the opportunity to ride the very waves that ignited the enthusiasm of those early surf pioneers, connecting with the rich heritage of this South American jewel.

Peru Quick Facts

  • Continent - Latin America
  • Population - 33.7 Million
  • Internet - 5 Mbps (average)
  • Average Trip Length - 15 days
  • Power - 230V/60Hz
  • Currency - PEN 10 = USD 2.71
  • Tap Water - No, Not Drinkable
  • Religion - Roman Catholic (Majority)
  • International Air Carrier - Iberia
  • Dinner - $3.12
  • Beer - $2.16
  • Coffee - $2.22


Where To Surf In Peru

Peru stands as a haven for surfers, boasting numerous outstanding surf spots awaiting your exploration. Along the northern coastline, you'll encounter iconic breaks like Chicama, Máncora, and Lobitos, each providing a unique surf experience and an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. On the central coast, spots such as Punta Hermosa and La Herradura offer consistent waves and a vibrant surf scene. Peru's surf breaks cater to surfers of all skill levels, ensuring that there's a perfect wave for everyone. If you're a beginner, you can relish the gentle waves at beaches like Punta Rocas and Zorritos. For experienced surfers seeking a challenge, renowned breaks like Cabo Blanco and Pico Alto deliver world-class waves and exhilarating rides.

Best Time To Surf In Peru

Timing is of the essence for a successful surf expedition in Peru. The prime surf season along the northern coast extends from April to October, characterised by consistent swells and offshore winds that create epic conditions. On the central coast, the best time to catch the waves is from December to March. Peru truly offers year-round surf opportunities, allowing you to plan your visit according to your preferences and skill level.

Peru The Country

Peru is not just a surf destination; it offers diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences. Explore the historic city of Lima, embark on a trek to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, and visit ancient archaeological sites like Chan Chan. These adventures will provide you with countless opportunities for exploration and a chance to immerse yourself in Peru's fascinating history and natural beauty.

Culture In Peru

Dive into the depths of Peru's rich culture, known for its vibrant festivals, traditional dances, and exquisite cuisine. Witness colourful parades, savour iconic dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado, and explore local markets teeming with Andean handicrafts and spices. This cultural journey will complement your surf adventures, creating unforgettable memories.

Food In Peru

Peruvian cuisine is a gastronomic journey that you simply can't afford to miss during your stay. Delight in dishes like causa rellena, anticuchos, and tiradito, savoring the diverse and flavorful offerings of Peru. Regional specialties such as cuy and picarones await your exploration, elevating your culinary adventure to new heights.

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How To Get Around In Peru

Consider renting a car for countryside exploration, embark on scenic train journeys to historical sites, or utilise the efficient public transportation system. This freedom allows you to explore Peru's surf destinations and cultural treasures at your own pace.

Attractions In Peru When You're Not Surfing

While taking a break from the waves, Peru offers a plethora of attractions and activities to keep you entertained. Visit the enigmatic Nazca Lines, embark on a boat tour of the Ballestas Islands, or venture into the Amazon rainforest. These adventures provide endless opportunities for exploration and allow you to immerse yourself in Peru's rich history and natural beauty.

A Journalist Posing with Local People Wearing Traditional Clothing In Peru

How To Get To Peru

Travelling to Peru is convenient, with Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) in Lima serving numerous international flights. Be sure to check visa requirements and travel advisories before your journey to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Recommended Stays In Peru

Selecting the perfect place to stay in Peru is an integral part of your adventure. Choose from boutique hotels in Miraflores, beachfront lodges in Máncora, or cozy hostels in Huanchaco. Tailor your accommodation to match your preferences and style. For an immersive surf experience, consider surf camps in Lobitos, where you can connect with fellow surfers, or explore unique eco-friendly stays that reflect local culture and heritage. These accommodations create lasting memories during your Peruvian journey.

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Best Travel Insurance For Peru

Prioritise your peace of mind by selecting comprehensive travel insurance tailored to your needs. Ensure that your policy covers activities like surfing and provides adequate coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and unexpected travel disruptions during your stay in Peru. Our go to for a longer stays is Safety Wings, this will keep you covered at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best surf spots in Northern Peru?

Northern Peru boasts renowned surf spots like Chicama, Máncora, and Lobitos, offering consistent waves and diverse experiences.

Are there surf camps in Peru for beginners?

Yes, Peru offers surf camps suitable for beginners, such as those in Lobitos, where you can receive professional instruction and enjoy a supportive learning environment.

Which airlines operate flights to Peru for surfers?

Major international airlines like LATAM and Avianca provide convenient access to Peru through Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima.

When is the prime surf season in Peru?

The prime surf season along the northern coast is from April to October, while the central coast enjoys optimal conditions from December to March.

What cultural experiences can I enjoy in Peru besides surfing?

Peru is rich in culture; you can witness colorful festivals, explore ancient archaeological sites like Machu Picchu, and savor traditional Peruvian cuisine.

Is travel insurance necessary for a surf trip in Peru?

Yes, travel insurance tailored to surf-related activities is essential to ensure coverage for potential emergencies and trip disruptions, providing peace of mind during your Peruvian surf adventure.

Bonus Tips For Travelling Peru

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